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Trondheim act previously known as ILDSKJAER, founded during 1993 at the hands of vocalist guitarist Ghásh and then drummer Obsidian C. (a.k.a. Arnt Ove Grønbech). With the latter reverting back to his original instrument of guitar the band was brought up to strength with the addition of bass player Warach (Øyvind Westrum) and drummer Vyl (a.k.a. Vegar Larsen). A 1996 demo 'Skygger Av Sorg', despite only ten copies being issued, prompted the Greek label Demonion Productions to re-publish it as a professionally distributed cassette and also secured a label deal with the Avantgarde Music concern. The debut album 'Through Times Of War' was recorded during the Summer of 1997 at Brygga Studios.

Cernunnos (Tor-Helge Skei) of MANES and ATROX would session for the band as live guitarist. Bassist Warach also runs a solo project BLOODSWORN. Vegar Larsen joined SUBLIRITUM in 2002. That same year, guitarist and songwriter Obsidian C. joined the live line-up of SATYRICON.

Obsidian C. also recruited SATYRICON drummer Frost (a.k.a. Kjetil Haraldstad) and the esteemed MAYHEM, ABORYM and TORMENTOR credited Attila Csihar for recording of a new MCD 'Reclaim', issued by the Norwegian label FaceFront in December of 2003 and January 2004 in Europe. That April Frost joined the ranks of GORGOROTH. In October the practical logistics of Frost living 500 km from the core of the band forced his departure as KEEP OF KALESSIN welcomed former drummer Vyl back to the fold. The drummer subbed for CHTON for gigs that Autumn in Bergen, Oslo, Kristiansand and Trondheim.

Csihar would also be the subject of rumours that he had rejoined MAYHEM, these being swiftly denied by official sources. However, by November a label press statement revealed that Attila Csihar was indeed back fronting the Norwegian pioneers. KEEP OF KALESSIN inducted Thebon (Torbjørn Schei), of SUBLIRITUM, as thier new singer.

In December guitarist Arnt Ove Grønbech, on tour with SATYRICON, had been arrested along with fellow guitarist Steinar Gundersen after the 14th December band performance at the club Fun Haus in Toronto. Both were charged with the drugging and rape a woman on the SATYRICON's tour bus after the concert.

KEEP OF KALESSIN signed to Tabu Recordings in January 2005. Word then arrived that APTORIAN DEMON was a new "old school" Black Metal act founded by the KEEP OF KALESSIN members drummer Vyl, bassist Warach and vocalist Ghásh alongside Vicotnik of DØDHEIMSGARD and VED BUENS ENDE and Dr. Amoque von Berlevaag from ENDWARFMENT. The band debuted in June 2005 with a 7" vinyl EP for Aftermath Music, 'Angst, Jammer Og Fortvilelse', limited to 666 copies and recorded at Skansen Lydstudios and Skrekk Og Skru Studio. Vyl would also be announced as drummer for CHTON.

Recordings for a new album billed 'Armada' for Tuba Recordings saw the introduction of bassist Wizziac, of HEADSPIN, ETERNAL SILENCE and SAGE. Although Attila Csihar featured as vocalist on these tracks he would then stand down from the band. KEEP OF KALESSIN engaged in a European tour, their first dates outside of Norway, with HYPOCRISY and EXODUS for November as last minute replacements for KHOLD. 'Armada' entered the Norwegian album charts at number 20. The group performed a one-time, unique show with the Jazz duo MONOLITHIC on September 1st at the Trondheim Jazzfestival.

The group teamed up with ZYKLON, 1349 and ENSLAVED for a UK tour in September. KEEP OF KALESSIN partnered with MAX MIDSUN and IMBALANCE for Norwegian gigs in October. European headline shows, across Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Austria, were undertaken in November.

In April 2007 the band formed up with the MARDUK headlined 'Excess Of Evil' European tour backed up by ENSLAVED, PANTHEON I, MELECHESH and GOATWHORE.

The group embarked on a full European headlining tour in March 2009, hitting the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Hungary. Their road mates on the "Full Of Hate 2009" trek comprised AMON AMARTH, LEGION OF THE DAMNED and AMON AMARTH. Canadian veterans KATAKLYSM headlined the 'Summer Madness' 2009 European tour throughout June and July with Nuclear Blast labelmates DEATH ANGEL and KEEP OF KALESSIN. 

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