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NORWAY, Trondheim

Categories: Black Metal



Death stled Black Metal band PERISHED were created in Trondheim during 1991. Assembled initially by Tyr and bass player Bruthor the duo soon pulled in vocalist Bahtyr and drummer Tor Arne Helgeson. However, Helgeson, subsequently to join VACUUM and ATROX, would be superseded by former ANTHEM man Jehmod for PERISHED's inaugural live performance. Demo tapes 'In Hoc Signo Vinces', recorded in April 1993, and 'Through The Black Mist', the latter seeing the addition of second guitarist Ymon. Tyr would be banished from the ranks in May 1994. These tapes would be followed up by a 1996 EP for Solistitium Records. Upon completion of these tracks PERISHED bolstered their sound further with the enlistment of guitarist Ihizahg (Tom Arild Johansen), of MAELSTROM and HELLSTORM, with ØRNULF HOLTHE, BJARNE AFTRET and ANNET keyboard player Kunt Pelthor (Knut Erik Jensen).

PERISHED drummer Jehmod would join BLACKTHORN. Bruthor is active with WOODS OF INFINITY. Both guitarist Ihizahg and Jehmod have ties with WURDULAK. Jehmod also features on the 2001 GORELORD album 'Force Fed Human Flesh'.

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