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A self "Christian symphonic unblack metal band". VAAKEVANDRING ('To walk and wake the people') look and sound like a Black Metal band but lyrically are strongly evangelical. Both vocalist Ronny Hansen and keyboard player Morten Signund Magerøy have previous links to ANTESTOR.

The band was borne out of the Pop act LOTHLORIEN which included guitarist Alexander Nygård, bassist Trond Bjjørnstad and Magerøy. This act evolved into INERTIA but would lose their then guitarist as a result over a difference in religious opinion. Parallel to INERTIA Hansen and drummer Pål Daehlen had an act titled SIGNUM CRUSIS and with the enrollment of Magerøy this band became KORSFERD.

Bjørnstad would also join as the band became VAAKEVANDRING. In a surprise move the band's debut 1999 demo was produced by Stioan Aarstad of DIMMU BORGIR. Monumentum Scandinavia issued a self-titled EP in 2004.

VAAKEVANDRING employ ANTESTOR guitarist Vermod (Lars Stokstad) for live work.

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