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Categories: Black Metal


VALHALL issued the demo 'Amalgamation' in January 1989 and the 'Trauma' set that November. A live recording was capitalised on by the 'Pagan Token' demos issued in March 1991. The demo 'Castle Of Death' followed in May 1998. The band debuted commercially for Head Not Found Records with the February 1995 album 'Moonstoned'. Guitarist Frode Malm would depart following the 'Moonstoned' album. New recruit was Frank Wanberg on keyboards. Drums on the Norwegian Doom outfit VALHALL's second album, March 1997's 'Heading For Mars', are performed by the ubiquitous character Fenriz (a.k.a. Gylve Nagell) of DARKTHRONE under his pseudonym of Lee Bress.

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