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PERU, Lima

Categories: Death Metal




The Lima based Death Metal act MORTEM, founded during 1986 by brothers Fernan Nebiro on vocals and guitar and drummer Alvaro Amduscias, first came to attention with the 1989 demo session 'Evil Dead'. The 'Superstition' demo followed in 1989, 'Vomit Of The Earth' in 1992. An earlier credited member, guitarist Janio Cuadros, had been the victim of an ever fluctuating line up which finally settled in 1992 on Nebiro, Amduscias, guitarist Wilber Rosan and bass player Carlos Verastegiu. A further demo ensued titled 'Unearth The Buried Evil' in 1993.

In 1996 MORTEM issued their debut album 'Demon Tales' on the Peruvian Coyote label. MORTEM's 1998 album 'The Devil Speaks In Tongues', their first for German label Merciless Records, includes a cover of the SACRIFICE track 'Turn In Your Grave'. Merciless would also re-issue 'Demons Tales' for the European market. MORTEM's rhytm section was now in the hands of bass player Juan C. Muro and drummer Jaime Garcia.

Sandro Garcia would take the guitar position followed by Christian John in 1999. However, Wilber Rosan would subsequently rejoin for the band's third album 'Decomposed By Possession'. Once again MORTEM produced cover versions, the last two tracks on the album being versions of POSSESSED's 'Satan's Curse' and SLAYER's 'Crypt Of Eternity'.

MORTEM put in a mini tour of Europe in March of 2003 with shows in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden as well as Germany and Holland. The band's debut US show came in June of 2004, performing in Chicago as support to THE CHASM.

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