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Death Metal unit created by a pre-VADER Mauser in 1992. The original line up of DIES IRAE comprising of Mauser on guitar and vocals, second guitarist Jaroslaw 'China' Labieniec previously with IMPURITY, bassist Czarny and drummer Gilan. This incarnation of the band would cut the inaugural demo 'Fear Of God'. This outing would be re-issued commercially by Serenades Records in 1994.

China would stand in as temporary live guitarist for VADER in 1996. However, in 1997 Mauser teamed up with VADER full time and DIES IRAE promptly folded. Labieniec would subsequently found NYIA in league with PROPHECY guitarist Szymon Czech.

Mauser would find the opportunity to re-activate the DIES IRAE name in 2000 drafting his VADER colleague Docent (a.k.a. Krzysztof Raczkowski) on drums, SCEPTIC guitarist Jack Hiro and frontman Novy of DEVILYN. This new version of DIES IRAE entered the recording studio in June of 2000 with producer Szymon Czech for the debut 'Immolated' album. The band would sign to the Metal Blade label who issued 'Immolated' during November.

DIES IRAE formed part of a package Death Metal tour of Europe with NILE in January 2001. Novy would join SPINAL CORD as bassist in November of 2003.

The 'Sculpture Of Stone' album emerged in May of 2004, live dates seeing Vitek from DECAPITATED substituting on drums for the injured Docent. February of 2005 saw European gigs allied with HATE, CRIONICS and DECAPITATED. Tragedy hit in August 2005 with the announcement that former drummer Krzysztof Raczkowski had died. The musician, ejected from VADER the previous March, was just 35 years old and had a history of alcohol related problems.

The band undertook the 'Empire Invasion' March 2006 tour of Poland allied with HERMH, VESANIA and THE CHAINSAW.

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