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POLAND, Kraków

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Black Metal


CRIONICS, delivering Death style Black Metal, was created as a quartet of vocalist / guitarist Michal Skotniczny, guitarist Dariusz Styczen, bass player Marek 'Marcotic' Kowalski and Maciek Zieba on drums in January 1997. Roughly recorded demos in 1998 included a cover version of EMPEROR's 'I Am The Black Wizards'. Waclaw Borowiec was incorporated on keyboards in 1999 to bolster the band's live sound but shorthy after Styczen exited. CRIONICS drew in Bartosz Bielewicz as replacement for further demo recordings entitled 'Beyond The Blazing Horizon'. These sessions would see a commercial release on Demonic Records in 2000.

Zieba bowed out in late 2000 and Maciek Kowalski of TROMSNAR took over drums. Bielewicz too decamped in August of the following year. Signing to Empire Records CRIONCS delivered their debut album 'Human Error (Ways To Self-Destruction' in November of 2002. Touring to promote the record, supporting a cast of BEHEMOTH, DARKANE and FRONTSIDE, the band employed THY DISEASE and ANAL STENCH man Yanuary on guitar.

The band utilised both Cracow Lynx and Hertz Studios in the Summer of 2004 for recording sessions for a new album, the track list including a cover version of EMPEROR's 'The Loss And Curse Of Reverence'. February 2005, upfront of the issue of the 'Armageddons Evolution' album, saw European gigs allied with HATE, DIES IRAE and DECAPITATED.

December 2006 saw CRIONICS completing work on new album 'NeuThrone'. The recording session, which included a re-recording of 1998 demo track 'Black Warriors', took place at Zed Studio in Olkusz, Poland with Tomasz Zalewski as producer. The band formed up the Polish 'Rebel Angels' tour in April 2007 featuring DARZAMAT, HATE and SAMMATH NAUR.

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