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Extreme Polish Death Metal outfit LOST SOUL, self styled as "Cruel death art", came together during 1991, initially comprising vocalist / guitarist Jacek Grecki, bassist Tomasz Fornalski and drummer Adam Sierzega. First product of this alliance was the 1993 demo session 'Eternal Darkness' with the 'Superior Ignotum' recordings, crafted at Fors Studios in the Czech Republic, following in 1994. The 'Superior Ignotum' tape was picked up for a commercial re-release the following year through Baron Records. Although LOST SOUL engendered a presence on the underground circuit the band was put on hiatus for a number of years. Members would subsequently operate with acts such as SHEMHAMFORASH, HOLLOW and ASKALON.

Returning in 1997, boosted with the addition of guitarist Piotr Ostrowski, LOST SOUL entered Olsztyn's Selani Studios in February 1998 to record the cassette 'Now Is Forever...'., material from which was donated to the Relapse 'Polish Assault' and Novum Vox Mortis 'Disco's Out, Slaughter's In' compilation albums. A heavy touring schedule witnessed Polish supports to VADER, DYING FETUS, KATAKLYSM and MONSTROSITY amongst others. The domestic Metal Mind label picked the band up for the opening album, 2000's 'Scream Of The Mourning Star', issued in North America via Relapse.

Signing a three album deal with Empire Records LOST SOUL cut the 'Ubermensch (Death Of God)' album, recorded in Wroclaw's Tower Studio with BEHEMOTH's Arek Malczewski . Osmose Productions handled this album for Western Europe. The band embarked upon a ten date tour of Poland during October of 2002 co-headlined by MONSTROSITY and Swedes VOMITORY backed by TRAUMA, SCEPTIC, DISSENTER and CONTEMPT. The band parted ways with bassist Krzysztof Artur Zagórowicz following these dates, replacing him with Pawez Michazowski.

LOST SOUL signed to Earache Records subsidiary Wicked World in October of 2004 for the album 'Chaostream'. The band opened for European gigs with VADER in June 2005, these shows including the band's debut British performances. Throughout September and October of 2005 LOST SOUL partnered with VADER, ROTTING CHRIST and ANOREXIA NERVOSA on the 'Blitzkrieg III' European tour.

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