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Debuting with the 1992 'Abhorrence' demo tape HATE, having started life in Warsaw during 1990 initially entitled INFECTED, cited a line-up of Adam The First Sinner on vocals and guitar, lead guitarist Quack, bass player Martin and drummer Piotr 'Mittloff' Kozieradzki, the latter also a long term session member of GOETIA. The 1994 follow up 'Evil Art' saw Daniel taking the bass role. A third tape, the eight track 'The Unwritten Law' issued in 1995, found Quack replaced by Ralph. This HATE line up was maintained for the band's first album, the vinyl issue 'Daemon Qui Fecit Terram' released by the Vox Mortiis label in 1996. 'Lord Is Avenger' followed in 1998.

HATE's 1999 mini-album 'Victims' included four new tracks alongside cover versions of NAPALM DEATH's 'Kill' and SLAYER's 'Postmortem'. This latter track would re-surface on the Dwell SLAYER tribute album 'Gateway To Hell Volume II'. Cyprian would now be the band's new bass player. That same year Mittloff would prove influential in resurrecting DOMAIN, subsequently featuring on their 'From Oblivion' record.

With HATE's reputation burgeoning the Polish apocalypse Productions label re-issued a collection of early material as the 2000 box set 'Evil Decade Of Hate'. Mittloff would also deputise in the studio for THUNDERBOLT's 'The Sons Of The Darkness' record. HATE also scored a North American release through the World War III imprint, repackaging the 'Victims' and 'Lord Is Avenger' outings as one retitled 'Holy Dead Trinity' the following year. Mittloff then featured on a second DOMAIN outing, 'Gat Etemmi'.

In September 2000 guitarist Ralph was replaced by Kaos. A brand new HATE studio album, 'Cain's Way', was delivered in June 2001 via Apocalypse Productions for domestic Polish release. That October Mittloff made his exit to found a Progressive Rock outfit RIVERSIDE, HATE pulling in substitute Hellrizer- a man with credits with such artists as PASCAL, GOETIA and GORTAL. With this revised line-up HATE headlined a short run of gigs in Belarus before embarking on the Polish 'Thrash 'Em All' tour in November in alliance with KRISIUN, VADER and BEHEMOTH.

A further series of Polish gigs found HATE hooking back up with VADER with support act AZARATH in June 2002. As HATE busied themselves with a new studio album provisionally titled 'Awakening Of The Liar' the esteemed British Candlelight label took on 'Cain's Way' for a European issue, with all new artwork, in July. Roadwork included the band forming up part of an impressive cast for European 'Xmas Festivals' in December in alliance with SIX FEET UNDER, IMMOLATION, KATAKLYSM, DYING FETUS and MARDUK. Later gigs in Holland added veteran Thrashers EXODUS to the bill.

HATE signed to France's Listenable Records for a February 2004 album 'Awakening Of The Liar'. The band would head up the 'Days Of Destruction' tour, over ESQARIAL, MUTILATION, ABUSED MAJESTY and PYORRHOEA, throughout Poland that December. February 2005 saw European gigs allied with DIES IRAE, CRIONICS and DECAPITATED. The band entered Hertz Studio in Bialystok in the Summer for a new album 'Anaclasis' for an October release through Listenable Records.

In November HATE announced the addition of ex-CHAOSPHERE and DAMNED guitarist Hellbeast. Drummer Hellrizer was let go in December due to a quoted "weakening dedication to HATE's" activities", and would be replaced by Hexen in January 2006.

The band formed up the Polish 'Rebel Angels' tour in April 2007 featuring DARZAMAT, CRIONICS and SAMMATH NAUR. HATE released the 'Morphosis' album in Europe in February 2008 via Listenable Records.

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