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PYORRHOEA (medical terminalogy for a discharge of pus) is a Warsaw Death Metal band formed up from members of HATE, VESANIA and DEVILYN. The group, established in 2001 by guitarist Andy Blakk and bassist Cyprian then cemented by SPHERE and REVELATION OF DOOM singer Analripper and drummer Daray, debuted in June 2002 with the demo cassette 'Pyorrhoea, Promo 2002'. New guitarist A.D.Gore, of CENTURION and MESMERIZED, joined the band that November.

The band's commercial debut 'Desire For Torment', recorded in November 2003 at Hertz Studios, would be the first in a three album deal for Empire Records. However, upon completion of recording Andy Blakk would subsequently be forced out due to health issues. His place would be taken by Max from EVIL TWIN. Max quit shortly afterwards, leaving PYORRHOEA to persevere on the live circuit as a quartet. 'Desire For Torment' was issued in August 2004. As the year closed the band drafted Lukas on second guitar, a veteran of ABUSED MAJESTY and SPHERE.

With drummer Daray temping for VADER the group drafted the NAAMAH, GORTAL and DESECRATED Krzysztof Szalkowski to man the drums. The band would form up the 'Days Of Destruction' tour, alongside HATE, ABUSED MAJESTY, ESQARIAL and MUTILATION, throughout Poland that December.

Further changes came with the departure of Analripper, his position being taken in early 2005 by GORTAL's Chryste. Empire issued 'The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My Slave' in April 2006.

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