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Retro Thrash Black Metal. WITCHMASTER include members of PROFANUM alongside drummer Vitold. The group, citing a membership comprising vocalist / guitarist Geryon ("Chainsaw, vomit and pain"), bassist Reyash of SUPREME LORD and drummer Vitold, another SUPREME LORD member, debuted with a rehearsal recording 'Thrash Or Die' followed up with a seven track 1997 demo 'No Peace At All'.

The 1999 'Violence And Blasphemy' album, released by Pagan Records, closed with a cover version of BLASPHEMY's 'Ritual'. Just after the album release the band underwent a major line up overhaul inducting fresh blood in the form of lead vocalist Bastis ("vomit, screams and violence")

, bass player Shymon ("Thunder bass attack") and Inferno on drums ("Coffins and skull destruction"), the latter already boasting a tradition with BEHEMOTH, AZARATH and DAMNATION. Meantime the ex- rhythm section of bassist Reyash and drummer Vitold deputised for CHRIST AGONY's live dates during 2000.

2002's 'Masochistic Devil Worship' included further covers with homages to SARCOFAGO's 'Satanic Lust' and SODOM's 'Blasphemer'. The 1997 demo was pressed up as a 7" EP 'Sex, Drugs And Satan' in 2002 by the Maleficium label, limited to 333 copies. An even more scarce run, of just 33 editions, came with a free leather whip!

During mid 2002 bass player bassist Shymon was replaced by Christfucker of ANIMA DAMNATA repute. However, by mid 2003 former incumbent Reyash was re-installed in the bass position. WITCHMASTER planned a split album with UK act ADORIOR for issue through the French Circle Of The Tyrants label. Announced as being pressed on 220 gramme vinyl this release and limited to 666 hand numbered copies, this in fact would not transpire. The Polish Agonia Productions label took over the project for 2004 issue.

Agonia Productions re-issued the ''Masochistic Devil Worship' album in picture disc vinyl format restricted to 200 copies. The band projected European shows allied with Australians ATOMIZER and Singapore's IMPIETY for September of 2004.

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