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ROMANIA, Timişoara

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Black Metal


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A genuine Transylvanian Black Metal act. NEGURĂ BUNGET, forged by vocalist / guitarist / keyboard player Hupogrammos Disciple's (a.k.a. Edmond Karban) and drummer Negru (Gabriel Mafa), began life in Timisoara as WICCAN REDE issuing the 1995 demo 'From Transylvanian Forest'. Early member keyboard player Ayvaz Valah Disciple had departed by the time of the first NEGURĂ BUNGET release 'Zirnindu Sa', issued by Bestial Records in 1996.

Ursu (Ermit) was inducted as live bassist in 1997. NEGURĂ BUNGET's 1998 'Sala Molska' EP saw the inclusion of guitarist Spurcatu / Sol Faur. The archive WICCAN REDE demo tracks were published under the NEGURĂ BUNGET title in December 2000 as the album 'From Transilvanian Forest' by Bestial Records. Restricted to just 345 hand numbered copies, this set added two previously unreleased tracks, 'Into The Mountain King's Realm' and 'Sculptured Fog'.

NEGURĂ BUNGET signed to the Code 666 label for a January 2003 album 'N Crugu Bradului', released in a handmade CD box, this album found the band exploring Romanian folklore themes. Each box would also, quite uniquely, contain a real leaf. NEGURA BUNGET donated the exclusive track 'Vazduh' to the Code666 compilation album 'Better Undead Than Alive'. The band united with THE STONE for touring across Europe in the Summer of 2004. In December NEGURĂ BUNGET commenced recording of new album 'Om' (translated as 'Man' in Rumanian). An EP, 'Inarborat Kosmos' limited to 734 copies, preceded the release.

Ager (Ageru Pamintului), handling vocals, percussion, xylophone and pipes, and keyboard player Inia Dinia were enrolled in 2005. Code666 Records released the album 'Om' in October 2006. Limited editions added a DVD with live footage filmed in Bucharest in 2003, Zella-Mehnis during 2004 and Munich in 2005. A Chinese version was licensed by Areadeath Productions, which featured two bonus tracks 'Uprising Follow' and 'Vaiet'. A transparent vinyl version of 'Om' was released by Enucleation Records in 2008, complete with an exclusive bonus track 'Văzduh'.

NEGURĂ BUNGET toured extensively throughout 2008, with October and November dates traversing Europe. Support acts included VESNA, KATHAARSYS and IN ELEMENT.

Longstanding members Spurcatu and Hupogrammos Disciple's took their leave in 2009, apparently on an understanding with Negru that NEGURĂ BUNGET was to disband. However, the drummer carried on with the band name, much to the public annoyance of his erstwhile colleagues, who duly formed DORDEDUH.

NEGURĂ BUNGET's new contingent of players, flanking Negru, Ager and Inia Dinia, featured singer Corb, guitarist Spin and guitarist Gădineţ. Live activity throughout the summer of 2009 included performances at the 'Graspop' festival in Belgium, 'Metalcamp'in Slovenia, 'Samfest' in Romania, 'Black Noise' in Hungary, 'Brutal Assault' in the Czech Republic, 'Summer Darkness' in the Netherlands, 'Hole In The Sky' in Norway, 'Moonfog' in Poland, 'Blikfest' in Belgium and 'Bavarian Battle' in Germany.

In 2009 NEGURĂ BUNGET drummer Negru set 'Dor' as the title of the debut album from his Folk project DIN BRAD released via Auerbach Tonträger. NEGURĂ BUNGET performed at the U.K.'s Damnation Festival, taking place Saturday, 24th October at Leeds University Union.

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