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FOREST STREAM is a bleak, Gothic Metal band forged in Chernogolovka during 1995 by the former ANESTESIA pairing of guitarist Ungel and drummer Sonm the Darkest. Wizard Omin was incorporated on second guitar soon after. Ungel would depart in 1997 as Silent Anth took over on bass for the debut 1999 demo 'Snowfall'. A second promotion recording, 'Last Season Purity', came in 2000.

The band signed to the Elitist arm of Earache Records for their debut, recording 'Tears Of Mortal Solitude' at the S&O Home Studio, Chernogolovka during June of 2002. FOREST STREAM added drummer Kir in early 2004. FOREST STREAM contributed their version of 'Without God' to the Northern Silence Productions KATATONIA tribute double album 'December Songs' released in December 2006.

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