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Female fronted Death Metal formation MERLIN convened in 1992 as a trio of Mary Abaza on bass and lead vocals, guitarist Alex Ioffe and drummer Nick Byckolff. Demos 'Welcome To Hell' and 'Prisoner Of Death' preceded the debut cassette album 'Deathroteque'. MERLIN would sign to the Canadian GWN label for an international release of sophomore outing 'They Must Die' in 1998. Hobgoblin Records would issue the album domestically. Second guitarist Arteom 'Bolt' Nazarov, ex-ANAL PUS, would augment MERLIN the same year.

MERLIN projected an album to be entitled 'Brutal Constructor' for 2003, this release containing a cover version of DEATH's 'Zombie Ritual'. Tragically drummer Nick Byckoff was killed in an auto accident on 13th July.

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