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SINGAPORE, Singapore

Date Formed 1/Jan/1992

Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal, Pagan Metal


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Self "Vedic Metal" band named after the Hindu God of destruction and created as RUDHRA in 1992 as a Death Black Metal trio of vocalist / bassist Kathi, guitarist Bala and drummer Shiva. The band would feature on numerous compilation albums including 'Battle Of The Bands', 'Made In Singapore' and 'The Birth Of Death', RUDHRA issued their own demo 'The Past' in 1994.

The band would fold in 1996 but Kathi and Shiva pulled the act back together newly billed as RUDRA by the end of the year with new guitarist Alvin. MANIFEST guitarist Burhan would fill in on a temporary basis until the resumption of duties from Bala.

The band contributed their rendition of DEATH's 'Forgotten Past' to the 'Together As One' 2003 tribute album assembled by the Spanish Mondongo Canibale label. RUDRA would undertake their debut North American shows in July of 2004, touring alongside RAISING KUBRICK. That same year the group signed to Demonzend Records for a new album 'Brahmavidya: Primodial I', this label also re-releasing RUDRA's debut album with all new artwork and bonus tracks taken from the 1995 demo 'The Past'.

RUDRA, having severed ties with Demonzend Records, scheduled US dates for January 2007. Relocating to Australia, guitarist Kannan bowed out in March.

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