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NAHEMAH is an Alicante based progressive Death Metal band with early Blackened influences. In 2001 NAHEMAH members drummer Luis Martínez, bassist Henry Saiz and guitarist Daniel Gil instigated the side project BÖEM. That same year NAHEMAH issued the album 'Chrysalis' through the Iberian Moon imprint.

NAHEMAH signed with Lifeforce Records in 2006, debuting for their new partners with the January 2007 album 'The Second Philosophy'. The group amicably parted ways with drummer José Diego in June 2007. Quino Jimenez was inducted as new sticksman the following month. However, by November this new recruit was out of the picture, replaced by Helios García. The fluidity on the drum stool continued though, as García had exited by September 2008.

NAHEMAH recorded the album 'A New Constellation' for Lifeforce Records in March 2009.

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