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SPAIN, Barcelona

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Black Metal


As a solo venture of vocalist / bassist Lord Lupus ASGAROTH debuted with the 1995 demo tape 'Songs Of War'. Signing to the New Gotia label, and adding THRONG / NOSTROMO vocalist / guitarist Mythral and ANGEL OF SUFFERING drummer Katu-Marus (a.k.a. J. Muriana) to the line up, the project marked their commercial entrance with a 1996 mini album 'The Quest For Eldenhor'. Katu-Marus decamped in 1998 – going on to GORTHAUR and BEHEADED LAMB, the band drafting Arckanus as substitute. ASGAROTH's 1999 mini album, the band now boosted to quintet status with the introduction of guitarists Zarach of SYMAWRATH and Julkarn, included a cover version of KING CRIMSON's 'Epitaph'. Mr. Ax would then supplant Julkarn.

By 2000 the 'Red Shift' album found ASGAROTH now citing a band membership of Christopher Baque-Wildman (Mythral), Daniel Rubi Piero (Lord Lupus), Oscar David Raventos (Mr. Ax) and drummer Oison Martinez. Peaceville Records would pick up the 'Red Shift' album for UK license during 2002.

In 2004 Christopher B. Wildman contributed guest vocals to the FINNUGOR album 'Darkness Needs Us'.

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