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ANVIL OF DOOM are rooted in the 1996 formation AKELARRE, this unit comprising vocalists Darí­o and Héctor with guitar players Javier Pinto and Álvaro. By 1998 the moniker ANVIL OF DOOM had been adopted with an all new line up seeing Álvaro and Pinto joined by ex-SOMBRA vocalist Beltrán and former ALABANZA drummer Alonso for a Thrash orientated demo 'My Conscience'.

Subsequent recruits into the ANVIL OF VDOOM fold would include bassist David Escudero and drummer Paco Herrera but by 2000 the group had been whittled back down to the duo of Pinto and Beltrán. Bringing in guitarist Hugo the band adopted a more melodic, Scandinavian stance. The EP 'Died Before Dawn' arrived in September of 2002 through the Xtreem Music label.

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