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    Spain's HAEMORRHAGE are noted not only for the ferocity of their unique brand of Goregrind but their stomach churning single and album covers. Indeed, the 1999 split single with Czech act INGROWING depicts a truly horrendous photograph of a young child mauled by a dog. Debuted with the 'Grotesque Embryopathology' demo and have also issued a split promo CD on Morbid Records with CHRIST DENIED in addition to 1995's 'Emetic Cult' album.

    The 2000 album 'Loathesongs' includes many cover versions, not only of the expected kind with renditions tracks by CARCASS, DEFECATION, ENTOMBED, REGURGITATE, IMPALED NAZARENE, IMPETIGO and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES of but also a take on UFO's 'Doctor Doctor'. The band would also feature three tracks as part of a four way split EP 'Rotten To The Gore' shared with OBLITERATE, EMBOLISM and SUFFOCATE. A split tape would also arrive courtesy of Shindy Productions, 'Dawn In The Rotting Czech', shared with MASTIC SCUM and recorded in the Czech Republic in July of 2000.

    HAEMORRHAGE donated a version of 'Staph Terrorist' to the Razorback IMPETIGO tribute album 'Wizards Of Gore'.

    The 2001 album 'Scalpel, Scissors And Other Forensic Instruments', on the Czech Copremesis label, collated early HAEMORRHAGE material including cover versions of KORTATU's 'Zu Atrapatu Artek' and GENERAL SURGERY's 'Slithering Of The Ulcerous Facial Tissue'. The same year the band shared a live split album, culled from their tenth anniversary gig at the Silcoma Rock Club, for the German Cudgel Agency label 'Live At The Morgue' with DEPRESSION.

    The 2002 album 'Home Sweet Morgue' would be issued in Germany by Morbid Records with differing sleeve artwork. To promote the record HAEMORRHAGE undertook European dates an April billed alongside CRYPTOPSY, SPAWN and PROFANITY.

    Guitarist Lucima was previously a member of AVULSED. Dani and Ramon debuted a new side project GREENFLY in 2003, issuing the album 'Globalization'.

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