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Previously known as AFFLICTED CONVULSION and launched in 1988 by ex-DEFIANCE guitarist Jesper Thorsson, his guitar partner Joacim Carlsson previously having been with DISMEMBER. AFFLICTED released the first demo in 1990, titled 'Beyond Redemption'. The decision to drop the word 'Convulsion' from the band name was taken once vocalist Joakim Broms had joined. Further demos followed in 1991 entitled 'The Odious Reflection' and 'Wanderland', prior to the band's first single ('Viewing The Obscene') on Thrash Records.

The band suffered a change in membership when bassist Fredrik Ling was ousted in favour of Phillip Von Segebaden following the 'Astray' single in 1992. During 1993 AFFLICTED recorded the track 'Seven Gates Of Hell' for the VENOM tribute album 'Promoters Of The Third World War' and bass for these sessions was handled by Mikael Lindevall of PROBOSCIS.

The 1995 album 'Dawn Of Glory' witnessed a radical shift in style as Broms quit to join Deathsters ABHOTH and in came vocalist Michael Van De Graaf. Joacim Carlsson left after the second album's release to join PROBOSCIS then the Roadrunner signed FACE DOWN. Despite the changes in roster, AFFLICTED have still been able to tour Scandinavia consistently, including shows with ENTOMBED, THERION and DISMEMBER.

Von Segebaden issued the first album from his side project band DEFENDER in 1999 titled 'They Came Over The High Pass'. His AFFLICTED colleagues vocalist Michael van der Graaf and drummer Peter Nagy also contributed. In 2004 guitarist Joacim Carlsson, then enrolled in the ranks of GENERAL SURGERY, formed up part of the resurrected FACE DOWN.

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