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Raw Swedish Black 'War' Metal crafted in 2000 by then bass player 'A' as VOLKERMORD. In this incarnation the band, rounded out by drummer Phycon (a.k.a. Roger Markström) and vocalist / guitarist Graav, issued the 'Volkermord' demo session. 'In Blackest Ruin' would follow in 2001, a split cassette with fellow Swedes SVARTHYMN on Deathcult Productions. For this effort ARMAGEDDA would lay down a cover of BATHORY's 'Satan My Master'.

The 'Final War Approaching' album, now seeing the band re-billed as ARMAGEDDA, would be released initially through Sombre Records during 2001 as a limited edition of 500 in vinyl format. Breath Of Night Records would subsequently pick up the release for CD issue in 2002.

The group added bassist Mord folowing recording the album with 'A' now switching to guitar. A limited edition EP, 'Strength Through Torture' arrived in 2002 through the Painiac label, soon selling out. The band also released a split EP in league with WOODS OF INFINITY through the German Sombre imprint. The band also appeared on the third in the series of the infamous 'Black Metal Endsieg' split EPs sharing with BAEL, SECRETS OF THE MOON and DARK STORM. 2001's 'In Blackest Ruin' sessions would be re-issued by Polish label Agonia during 2004.

Ex-ARMAGEDDA drummer Roger Markström has credits with LEVIATHAN and also sessions for MALEFICIUM.

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