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Industrialists BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, a solo concept of Cold Meat Industry founder Roger Karmanik, originally operated under the title BOMB THE DAYNURSERY, in which guise they released the tape album 'Pain In Progress' for Cold Meat Industry in 1988. Earlier, Karmanik had debuted with a 7" single, 'Undead', credited to LILLE ROGER. BRIGHTER DEATH NOW marked its entrance with a 1989 cassette release, 'Temp Tations' on the Börft Records label. Only 50 copies were manufactured.

The BOMB THE DAYNURSERY 'Pain In Progress' sessions, adding extra song 'Deathkomh', were re-released on vinyl format by Germany's Unclean Productions under the BRIGHTER DEATH NOW handle in 1990. Sound Source put out the 'Slaughterhouse Invitation' cassette in 1991. Functional Organisation then re-issued this set on CD under a revised title 'The Slaughterhouse' in 1993. Cold Meat Industry released the double CD 'Great Death II' in 1994 followed up by 'Necrose Evangelicum' in 1995. This album featured ex-EMPEROR man MORTIIS on the track 'Necrose Evangelicum'.

The 'Great Death III' album was targeted purely at staunch fans, as the album was available exclusively though a coupon included in the previous 'Great Death II' release. Purchasers also gained access to the 7" picture disc 'Nordvinterdöd', again by an exclusive coupon. BRIGHTER DEATH NOW's next release, the 1996 album 'Innerwar', saw issue in the USA on CD through Release Entertainment whilst Cold Meat Industry handled vinyl European editions.

A 2002 12" vinyl single, 'Why' on Jinx Records, was a limited edition 777 hand numbered copies with 77 on grey vinyl. In May 2003 a split 12" single, 'Nunsploitation' limited to 666 copies, was shared with COPH NIA, both bands covering LEATHER NUN tracks. BRIGHTER DEATH NOW toured Japan during 2004, aligned with PROIEKT HAT.

The inaugural BRIGHTER DEATH NOW DVD release, 'Disobey' arriving in May 2005, comprised footage from two shows held in Rostock, one from February 1997 and the other May 2003. The package, limited to 2000 copies, included four previously unreleased tracks.

Roger Karmanik showed his sense of humour on a December 2005 split 7" single, limited to 496 copies, issued through XN Recordings. Both BRIGHTER DEATH NOW and collaborators PROIEKT HAT covered MICHAEL JACKSON songs, Karmanik tackling 'Bad'.

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