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COMECON was previously known in a more Hardcore vein as THE KRIXHJÄLLTERS under which title they released three records, an eponymous debut EP, the 1987 mini-album 'Hjälter Skelter' and 1989's full blown album 'Evilution'. A name change and musical shift was adopted to OMNITRON ensued in an effort for more global recognition.

Going back to their Hardcore Metal roots the band renamed themselves again this time to COMECON and engaged the MORBID and ENTOMBED credited vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov as a guest on the debut Tomas Skogsberg engineered 'Megatrends In Brutality' album. Also featured in this line-up would be erstwhile AGONY guitarist Pelle Ström, guitarist Rasmus Ekman and a fictitious drummer Anders Green. Oddly the album was issued with a conflicting song order to that stated on the sleeve. Upon completion of this album Petrov rejoined ENTOMBED.

Dutchman Martin Van Drunen, formerly with PESTILENCE and ASPHYX, contributed vocals to 1993's 'Converging Conspiracies' drums being handled by another fictitious person, this time called Fredrik Pålsson. Van Drunen subsequently joined BOLT THROWER.

Obviously intent on sticking to tradition, the band's third album, 'Fable Frolic', found MORGOTH frontman Marc Grewe singing lead vocals. With Jonas Fredriksson another name was invented for the person manning the drums. In keeping with the quirky nature of the band the album cover sported the less than metal artwork of three sheep.

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