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Date Formed 1993

Categories: Metal, Punk


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Metal-Punk band DRILLER KILLER include MACHINEGUN KELLY members Cliff (Clifford Lundberg) on guitar and bassist Manuel "Lefty" (Robert Jörgensson) on bass. Drummer Chris apparently held early membership of cult Black Metal outfit BATHORY. DRILLER KILLER's debut album 'Totalfuckinghate' came packaged with almost obligatory tasteless, offensive, snuff movie cover artwork. Touring found the band delivering their unique brand of Crustcore to the masses in East Germany alongside stage partners TIN PAN ALLEY for the 'Distortion To Hell' dates. The rest of mainland Europe was then covered prior to a Spring 1998 trek back into Germany billed with AGATHOCLES.

The 1998 effort, 'Reality Bites', included a rendition of BLACK FLAG's 'Rise Above'. That same year a split EP shared with INSTINKT on the Distortion label included cover versions of DISCHARGE's 'Decontrol' and 'Tio Timmar' by MODERAT LIKVIDATION. DRILLER KILLER also offered a split CD with the notorious Finnish Metal band IMPALED NAZARENE in 2000.

The band's September 2002 album 'Cold, Cheap And Disconnected' included a cover version of JOAN JETT's 'I Love Playing With Fire'. A limited edition vinyl run of 500 pressings added an exclusive bonus cut with 'Open The Gates'. A further variant, a restricted edition of 2000 digipack CDs issued with different cover artwork was augmented by three unique tracks 'Pegintron Side Fx Hell', 'Fountain Of Shit' and 'Disturbed And Unclean'. DRILLER KILLER entered Sigsauger Studios in September 2005 to craft a new album.

DRILLER KILLER announced February 2007 European tour dates partnered with THE ACCUSED, EXTREME NOISE TERROR and CRUMBSUCKERS. US dates were also scheduled alongside BLÜDWÜLF and MASAKARI. However, both of these tours were cancelled in December 2006.

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