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SWEDEN, Eskilstuna

Date Formed 1984

Categories: Experimental Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock


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PAIN OF SALVATION, based out of Eskilstuna, rank as one of the frontrunners of the mid 90s Progressive Rock boom in Europe. The group has released a commanding series of albums that has rapidly elevated the band to headline status. PAIN OF SALVATION's roots lay in the 1984 pre-teen act of vocalist / guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw REALITY. A bassist with this band, the FROZEN EYES credited Magnus Johansson, would later join tour with THE PROJECT HATE and join the renowned MESHUGGAH. By 1991 REALITY had switched titles to PAIN OF SALVATION.

In December of 1994 bassist Gustaf Hielm would be supplanted by the then 16 year old Kristoffer Gildenlöw. In parallel to PAIN OF SALVATION Gildenlöw, and guitarist Johan Hallgren, were operating with CRYPT OF KERBEROS. However, after an abortive attempt to record an album entitled 'Nadia' this band folded in 1995. A keyboard player, Fredrik Hermansson, was added to the PAIN OF SALVATION ranks in the Autumn of 1996 and a subsequent demo, entitled 'Hereafter', secured a deal with the Swedish Roasting House label. The 'Entropia' record emerged in Japan on the Marquee label in August 1997 but would take a full two years to achieve a European release. As 1998 drew in guitarist Daniel Magdic decamped necessitating the recruitment of Johan Hallgren for the album 'One Hour By The Concrete Lake'.

This latest album was released in Asia late 1998, in Europe in early 1999 and in USA late 1999. Reaction to the record saw PAIN OF SALVATION jumping labels to the Inside Out concern. Touring would see the group in alliance with Britain's THRESHOLD and Italians ELDRITCH throughout Europe in March of 1999.

PAIN OF SALVATION, promoting the lavish concept album 'Perfect Element', headlined the Dutch 'Progpower' festival in 2000 and put in co-headline European dates with ARENA during September. Daniel Gildenlöw broke two fingers in an onstage fall on this trek and would perform many gigs with his arm in a plaster cast.

2001 would find PAIN OF SALVATION hitting the international festival circuit with gusto headlining the February 'Progpower' event and even the European DREAM THEATER Fan Club Convention in Paris during May. At this latter event DREAM THEATER's Mike Portnoy deigned to jam with the band. Other festival appearances included the American 'Powermad' event as well as the Dutch 'Progpower' show.

Daniel Gildenlöw would join the Progressive "supergroup" TRANSATLANTIC for their November European tour dates. The Portnoy connection would be solidified in May of 2002 when it was revealed that Gildenlöw was to front the DREAM THEATER drummer's new side venture. Besides the PAIN OF SALVATION frontman and Portnoy the group also cited an impressive cast list of erstwhile DREAM THEATER and presently CHROMA KEY keyboard player Kevin Moore, FATES WARNING guitarist Jim Matheos, ex-CYNIC and current GORDIAN KNOT bassist Sean Malone. However, the following month Gildenlöw's involvement with the project would come to an end. However, he would participate in Daniele Liverani's ambitious Rock Opera GENIUS project album portraying "TwinSpirit n. 32".

Daniel Gildenlöw featured as guest vocalist on the SPASTIC INK 2003 opus 'Ink Compatible'. November found the singer forming up the LED ZEPPELIN all star tribute band HAMMER OF THE GODS at the Montreal Drum festival, his colleagues on this ocassion being MR BIG and RACER X guitarist PAUL GILBERT, DIXIE DREGS and PLANET X bassist Dave LaRue and DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy. Gildenlöw also reprised his role as "TwinSpirit n. 32" for a 2004 GENIUS outing 'In Search of The Little Prince'.

PAIN OF SALVATION sarcastically announced that their ambitious September 2004 album 'Be' would be "one of the most unique and mind-blowing creations ever to have been ignored by mainstream press". Kristoffer Gildenlöw sessioned on the LANA LANE 'Macbeth' concept album in December. In 2005 Daniel Gildenlöw guested on Belgian outfit AXAMENTA's 'Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture' opus.

PAIN OF SALVATION's September 2005 European tour, taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, a London UK date, France and Italy, saw support from German act DARK SUNS. The group parted ways with bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw in February 2006. Subsequently Gildenlöw forged DIAL, a Swedish / Dutch alliance combining the talents of ex-CIRRHA NIVA members singer Liselotte Hegt and guitarist Rommert van der Meer plus the ELEGY and PATRICK RONDAT band credited drummer Dirk Bruinenberg.

The band scheduled an unusual concert at the Sakkara Country Club in the Egyptian capital Cairo in April 2007. The group performed at the 'ProgPower Scandinavia' festival on November 1st 2008 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark featuring alongside Sweden's CLOUDSCAPE, DEAD SOUL TRIBE, US outfit ZERO HOUR and Germany's LANFEAR.

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