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SWEDEN, Gnesta

Date Formed 1991

Categories: Death Metal


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Gnesta based Death Metallers DISPATCHED, centred on founder member guitarist Daniel Lundberg and fronted by Krister Andersson, were created in 1991. Jonas Kimbrell was inducted on bass and Emanuel Åström as drummer the following year with Ulrika Forsberg being drafted in 1993. During 1994 the band adopted a fresh rhythm section following the Dan Swanö produced 'Awaiting The End' EP, released in February 1995 by Exhumed Productions. New members were ex-MARBLE ICON bassist Fredrik Larsson and drummer Emanuel Lundberg. The group had recorded an album's worth of material for Exhumed Productions for an intended product labelled 'Blackshadows'. However, the album never saw the light of day and only a smattering of promotional cassettes resulted. Further Dan Swanö sessions resulted in the 1996 release 'Blackshadows' through Toppling Collossus Records.

DISPATCHED folded but mentor guitarist Daniel Lundberg reformed the act in 1996. Dennis Hultin would briefly occupy the guitar position in 1997. Toppling Collossus put out the 'Returned To Your Mind' EP in 1997. Recording at Abyss Studios Tommy Tägtgren took the production reins for both the December 1998 EP 'Promised Land', issued by the German Kshatryas Production label, and the June 2000 Music For Nations album 'Motherwar', the latter witnessing a raunchy cover version of EUROPE's 'The Final Countdown'.

The band, working with Anders Fridén of IN FLAMES as producer, recorded a further album at Studio Fredman during 2001 with a provisional title of 'Terrorizer' but this record remained unreleased for a lengthy period. The DISPATCHED line-up at this numbered Fredrik 'Mussla' Karlsson on lead vocals and keyboards, guitarists Daniel Lundberg and Emil Larsson, bass player Mathias Hellman and Dennis Nilsson on the drums. 'Terrorizer-The Final Chaper...' finally emerged in August 2003 via Medusa Productions. The album hosted a hidden track entitled 'Cyber'.

DISPATCHED, resurrected in April 2004, signed to Rising Realm Records in Finland for a three album deal, commencing with a remastered version of 'Terrorizer'. The Soundholic label issued the record in Japan that July. Crash Music gave 'Terrorizer' a belated USA release in July 2005.

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