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SWEDEN, Gothenburg

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Death Metal


Gothenburg's CARDINAL SIN, whose musicians openly state to be rooted in 80's Metal, boast ex-MARDUK members guitarist Magnus 'Devo' Andersson and drummer Jocke 'Grave' Göthberg. Guitarist John Zwetsloot forged the band upon his exit from DISSECTION. Following this line-up's recording of the 'Spiteful Intent' EP the rhythm section was completed in 1995 with the addition of bassist Alex Losbäck and a new vocalist was added in the form of Dan Ola Persson, the latter a veteran of ENTITY and THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH. CARDINAL SIN performed just one concert before folding.

Göthberg, also citing credits with GRIMORIUM and DIMENSION ZERO, created DARKIFIED. John Zwetsloot made his mark with DECAMERON, the original THE HAUNTED line-up and NIFELHEIM while Andersson went on to front OVERFLASH.

CARDINAL SIN was resurrected during 2003 comprising a member roster of Persson, Zwetsloot, the SARGATANAS REIGN duo of guitarist Kristoffer 'Ushatar' Andersson and bassist Niklas Samuelsson along with drummer Janne Pakkanen. Andersson also has affiliations with NEFANDUS, LAUG TIMOR, KRET and MINION whilst Samuelsson has SHADOWS OF GRIEF and ANTIPATHY credits. During May of 2004 Magnus 'Devo' Andersson had rejoined MARDUK as bass player. Kristoffer Andersson joined THE LEGION in June.

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Spiteful Intent EP 1996