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SWEDEN, Gothenburg

Date Formed 1982

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Categories: Dark Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal


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Original incarnations of Gothenburg troupe DESTINY date back to 1980, but it was not until 1984 that their debut album 'Beyond All Sense' was released. A straight forward Heavy Metal band, DESTINY leaned heavily on seventies influences rather than the Thrash that dominated the scene at the time. The early years involved a standard scenario of a revolving door of musicians and demos. The original line-up consisted of John Prodén on guitar, Stefan Björnshög on bass and Peter Lundgren on drums. Björnshög still stands as the only original member thirty years later and quotes as official foundation year of the band the year 1982. Håkan Ring, as vocalist, and guitarist Magnus Östermann both joined the band in 1983 to forge the group roster that would record 'Beyond All Sense'. Amongst their non-recording achievements DESTINY toured Scandinavia supporting MANNINYA BLADE between the first two albums. Additonally, a demo was recorded in 1983. This demo never had a cover but several years later the original guitarist John Prodén created an artwork for this release.

In 1987 the band demoed six tracks, having recruited new members in guitarists Floyd Constantin, formerly with KING DIAMOND, and Jörgen Petersson in addition to new vocalist Zenny Hansson. Previously DESTINY's new singer had briefly fronted ARROWZ and Doom outfit FAITH. The ensuing tape led to a deal with German label US Metal Records and began recording the follow up 'Atomic Winter' in 1988, which emerged with a cover painting courtesy of Derek Riggs, famed for his work with IRON MAIDEN. Despite global praise from the Rock media being heaped upon 'Atomic Winter', and in particular Hansson's vocals, the album suffered from poor distribution and failed to give the band's career the impetus they needed. Both Konstantin and Peterson departed after the album release, necessitating the recruitment of guitarists Knut Hassel and Gunner Kindberg, the latter having actually been with the band in its formative years.

DESTINY's third album, 'Nothing Left To Fear', was recorded as a trio with former drummer Peter Lundgren contributing. A permanant drummer was found later in Stefan Svantesson. Overall the album proved a darker affair than its predecessors but still maintained the heaviness. Valuable TV exposure would be gained from a promotional video shot for the track 'The Evil Trinity'. However, in a major blow, Zenny Hansson then left the fold. He was replaced for a short period by Daniel Heyman, later of LOST HORIZON.

DESTINY regrouped in the late 1990s. The band numbered a returning Zenny Hansson on vocals, Knut Hassel on guitars, Stefan Björnshög on bass and drummer Björn Öhrfeldt, the latter on loan from PAGAN. Former member Gunnar Kindberg would later rejoin as live guitarist. This incarnation of the band, now with Håkan Svantesson taking control of the drum kit, recorded a fouth album titled 'The Undiscovered Country'. By this juncture Zenny Hansson has changed his surname to Gram. Notably, 'The Undiscovered Country' was the very first signing to the Gothenburg Noiseworks label, bearing cataologue number GNW 01.

During 1999 DESTINY contributed their version of 'Into The Nightmare' for a DEMON tribute album 'Day Of The Demon' as well as 'Anguish And Fear' for the YNGWIE MALMSTEEN homage 'A Guitar Odyssey'. The line-up for these sessions had Gram, Kindberg and Björnshög joined by ex-ACHERON and PAGAN guitarist Anders Fagerstrand and drummer Tomas Fredén, the latter a member of Danish act BEYOND TWILIGHT.

Ex-DESTINY members Lundgren and Hassel subsequently went on to forge 7TH PLANET whilst Gram would front TREASURELAND.

The 2002 version of DESTINY, celebrating the band's twentieth anniversary, witnessed a complete overhaul in the band line-up, now comprising vocalist Kristoffer Göbel, guitarists Janne Ekberg, previously involved with Arboga based SOUL DESERTION, and Niclas Granath, bass player Stefan Björnshög and ex-BISCAYA Birger Löfman on drums. An album, provisionally entitled 'Future Of The Past', featuring a guest appearance by former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN keyboardist Mats Olausson, was being scheduled for release in early 2004.

DESTINY frontman Kristoffer Göbel joined FALCONER in January of 2003. Later that same year DESTINY prepared two album releases. The first was set to be a complete re-recording of their, until now, vinyl only 'Beyond All Sense' with added tracks dating from the same period. The second, billed as 'Found Somewhere In Time' comprised more re-works. Included would be new versions of songs from the 1991 release 'Nothing Left To Fear', tracks from the 1988 release 'Atomic Winter' plus four bonus cuts. 'Beyond All Sense 2005' would be scheduled for May 2005 release.

DESTINY planned to appear at the July 2004 'Metal Meet' festival but withdrew shortly beforehand. Apparently Kristoffer Göbel had been taken ill, with the band issuing a statement claiming the frontman "can't perform live until he has regained his strength". As such, the group cancelled all live performances. DESTINY parted ways with guitarist Niclas Granath due to "personal reasons" in September. Fredrik Olsson of LOST HORIZON and THE HEED would temporarily enroll as a live replacement. A full time substitute was found in NOSTRADAMEUS man Michael Åberg in May 2005. That December guitarist Jan Ekberg opted out, being superseded by former member Floyd Constantin.

DESTINY supported ex-BLACK SABBATH singer TONY MARTIN on his April 2006 Swedish dates. Later that year on the live front both Kristoffer Göbel and Michael Åberg were to ally himself themselves Snowy Shaw (a.k.a. Tommy Helgesson), of THERION, MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND and DREAM EVIL in covers band METAL FÜR ALLE, performing gigs locally in the Gothenburg area.

Kristoffer Göbel exited from DESTINY in November 2006.

In June 2008 Birger Löfman recorded a guest appearance on the song 'Bluesman' with The Swedish National Orchestra and former HAMMERFALL bassist MAGNUS ROSÉN for Rosén's solo album.

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