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SWEDEN, Gothenburg

Categories: Death Metal


A Gothenburg Death Metal band created during August 1988 by ex-ORAL guitarist Alf Svensson, billed under a stage name of 'The Haunting', GROTESQUE later evolved into the highly regarded AT THE GATES. Vocals would be handled by 'Goatspell' (a.k.a. Tomas Lindberg) with 'Necrolord' (a.k.a. 'Bullen' Kristian Wåhlin) on secondary guitars. The group's original rhythm section comprised bassist Nuctemeron with the SORHIN and ARCKANUM credited Shamaatae on drums. Subsequently 'Offensor' (a.k.a. Tomas Eriksson) manned the drums. Recordings issued under the GROTESQUE banner included the demos 'Ripped From The Cross', a three song rehearsal session in 1988, and 'The Black Gate Is Closed' laid down on April 5th 1989. The Dolores label issued the 'Incantations' mini-album in 1990, pressed in both lilac and black vinyl editions. However, that same year the band folded.

In February 1990 Lindberg, joining forces with guitarist Bjorn Mankner and identical twins Anders Björler and Jonas Björler, on guitar and bass respectively, forged INFESTATION. A two song rehearsal demo, 'When Sanity Ends', was recorded at Fågeln studio and issued in August but INFESTATION collapsed shortly thereafter. Lindberg and the two brothers then hooked up with Alf Svensson plus drummer Adrian Erlandsson, and duly created AT THE GATES.

In 1996 Black Sun Records put out the compilation 'In The Embrace Of Evil', this comprising the 'Incantation' sessions, re-mastered songs from an unreleased demo set 'In The Embrace Of Evil' alongside two brand new recorded tracks 'Church Of The Pentagram' and 'Ripped From The Cross', laid down by Thomas Lindberg, Alf Svensson and Kristian Wåhlin.

Guitarist Kristian Wåhlin joined LIERS IN WAIT. Svensson formed OXIPLEGATZ. Tomas Lindberg forged THE CROWN. By 2000 Lindberg was fronting THE HAUNTED and would go on to feature in another high profile project LOCKUP. The pedigree and impression made upon the scene by its members lent the 'In The Embrace Of Evil' GROTESQUE album to an American CD re-release in 2001 courtesy of Century Media Records.

A 2004 AT THE GATES tribute album 'Slaughterous Souls - A Tribute to At The Gates' released by Drowned Scream Records included a take of GROTESQUE's 'Blood Run From The Altar' from IN AETERNUM.

Breaking a sixteen year silence, GROTESQUE, alongside NIRVANA 2002 and INTERMENT, reunited for a one off, non-public concert held on January 26th 2007 at Kafé 44 in Stockholm. GROTESQUE relented for a regular audience show, backed by WITCHERY and GRAND MAGUS, at the Storan venue in Gothenburg on April 20 th.

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