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Gothenburg Death Metal band featuring the talents of ex-GROTESQUE man Kristian Wåhlin. Originally the group was formed up by Kristian Wåhlin on guitar and Hans Nilsson on drums together with second guitarist Jörgen Johansson, previously of AWESOME NOCTURNE and DEMOLITION, along with AWESOME NOCTURNE and BRAINDEAD member Mattias Lindeblad on bass. However, both Johansson and Lindeblad were soon to opt out, with the bass position being filled by Mattias Gustavsson of TURNING CROSSES and CONQUEST repute. In this formation, LIERS IN WAIT utilized the services of THERION vocalist Christoffer Jonsson to record the EP 'Spiritually Uncontrolled Art' during October 1991 at Sunlight Studios with producer Tomas Skogsberg, released the following year by Dolores Records. A fluid guitar roster involved GROTEQUE's Alf Svensson, Jörgen Johansson and INFESTATION's Anders Björler. Tomas Lindberg of GROTESQUE and AT THE GATES also tried out on vocals.

During mid 1992 LIERS IN WAIT inducted new singer Johan and guitarist Moses Jonathon Elfström. That same year, billed as 'Chris Steele', Wåhlin, taking on the role of drummer, issued the side project EP 'Cursed Lands' under the DECOLLATION banner. A promotional video for the LIERS IN WAIT song 'Maleficent Dreamvoid' was filmed in September and in March 1993 LIERS IN WAIT put in live concerts in Poland. However, at this juncture both Nilsson and Elfström decamped to forge CRYSTAL AGE. Johan then switched to guitar whilst Mats took over on drums to track a full-length album for Listenable records 1994 at Montezuma recordings. Unfortunately the group fractured again thart September, with both Mats and Gustavsson taking their leave. EUCHARIST's Daniel Erlandsson briefly manned the drums prior to jumping ship to DIABOLIQUE.

LIERS IN WAIT's only other recording came in the form of a 1995 cover version of 'Angel Of Death', again seeing Hans Nilsson returning on drums, donated to the SLAYER tribute album 'Slatanic Slaughter Vol II'.

Nilsson later joined LUCIFERON. Both Wåhlin and Nilsson founded DIABOLIQUE for a 1998 album. Daniel Erlandsson scored credits with ARMAGEDDON, ARCH ENEMY, REVENGIA and THE END.

Black Sun Records re-issued 'Spiritually Uncontrolled Art' in 1996 with new cover art. Kristian Wåhlin became a well known cover artist, executing such memorable sleeve designs as AT THE GATES 'Slaughter Of The Soul', EMPEROR's 'In The Nightside Eclipse', BATHORY's 'Blood On Ice', DARK TRANQUILLITY's 'The Gallery', DISMEMBER's 'Massive Killing Capacity' amongst many others.

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