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SWEDEN, Halmstad

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal


An uncompromising, brutal Metal band, Halmstad's ARMAGEDDON, created by Christopher Amott of ARCH ENEMY along with IN THY DREAMS vocalist Jonas Nyrén, spread the word initially with their inclusion on a Japanese released IRON MAIDEN tribute album with their version of 'Die With Your Boots On'.

Founder member and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, an IN FLAMES veteran, left to form EUCHARIST prior to recording of the 1997 'Crossing The Rubicon' album. This album, released by Toy's Factory in Japan, was recorded by a quartet comprising singer Jonas Nyrén, guitarist Christopher Amott, bassist Martin Bengtsson and the ZANINEZ, AGRETATOR and DARKANE credited drummer Peter Wildoer. The band went into stasis after this album but Amott, Bengtsson and Wildoer all featured on ARCH ENEMY's 1998 album 'Stigmata'.

Under Amott's guidance, ARMAGEDDON would resurface to issue a brace of albums for the Japanese and South Korean markets. First up would be 2000's 'Embrace The Mystery', seeing Amott joined by a returning Daniel Erlandsson, TRISTITIA and LAST TRIBE singer Rickard Bengtsson and bass player Dick Lowgren, also of LAST TRIBE.

A later recruit would be bassist Tobias Gustafsson, a scene veteran of EUCHARIST, THE END, CROAM, TIMEMACHINE and ETERNAL LIES, featuring on 2002's 'Three' album.

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