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SWEDEN, Halmstad

Date Formed 1996

Categories: Black Metal


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Founded in 1996 as a "suicidal" Black Metal endeavour SHINING was originally pursued as a solo project by vocalist / guitarist Niklas Kvarforth. Bassist Wedebrand augmented the venture in time for recording of the 'Submit To Self Destruction' 7" single released by Kvarforth own Selbstmord Services label. A second single was announced but shelved as Wedebrand had temporarily departed. The SHINING regrouped and with Wedebrand back onboard cut the opening album 'Within Deep Dark Chambers'. Guest lead vocals on this release came from Andreas Classen of BETHLEHEM and PARAGON BELIAL.

Following the release of second album 'Livets Ändh´llplats' SHINING lost the services of their rhythm section Tusk and Wedebrand in late 2001. Frontman Kvarforth would adopt the bass role whilst none other than Hellhammer (a.k.a. Jan Axel Blomberg) of MAYHEM took over the drum stool. Besides his main employ with MAYHEM, Hellhammer's impact upon the Scandinavian Metal scene stretches across such diverse acts as ANTESTOR, AGE OF SILENCE, ARCTURUS, COVENANT, CARNIVORA, IMMORTAL, MORTEM, THE KOVENANT, VIDSYN, TROLL, THORNS, DIMMU BORGIR and WINDS. A third studio album, 'III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie', was set for 2002 release through Avantgarde. Former drummer Wedebrand joined Italian act FORGOTTEN TOMB in August 2002.

SHINING, now comprising Kvarforth, guitar player John Doe, bassist Phil A. Cirone and Acerbus on drums, were set to Europe in September of 2003 with support from URGEHAL and BLOODLINE. However, after surviving a car crash on the way to rehearsals the band then fractured, losing both their bassist and drummer. Needless to say the gigs were cancelled.

An Australian version of 'Within Deep Dark Chambers' released by Modern Invasion Music in 2004 contains added an extra track in 'Endless Solitude'. The same company also issued 'Livets Ändhållplats' with bonus song 'Manipulation Mass'. A compilation album issued in March, entitled 'Through Years Of Oppression', comprised tracks from the 1998 7" single, the previously unreleased version of 'Manipulation Session', a demo rendition of 'Black Industrial Misery', 'Through Corridors Of Oppression' from the split single with Finland's DOLORIAN and the unreleased 'The Claws Of Perdition'.

In August of 2004 the SHINING announced they were to suspend band activities, bowing out with the 'IV: The Eerie Cold' album issued through Avantgarde Music. Recording line-up for these sessions saw Kvarforth joined by guitarists John Doe, bassist Phil A. Cirone and drummer Hellhammer. Mainman Kvarforth, delivering a parting broadside "It's a legacy over eight years of complete disgust towards every single one of you fuckers out there and will for sure make you realize you can't do better", would also curtail business with his Selbstmord Services imprint, revealing the firm had been "hanging in fragile threads the past two years".

SHINING apparently reformed in the Autumn of 2005, revealing plans were underway for European gigs in early 2006. Involved in the new line-up would be SILENCER guitarist Leere (a.k.a. 'Casado'). Meantime, Kvarforth joined DIABOLICUM as a permanent member. In March and April 2006 the band announced European tour plans flanked by Dutchmen SALACIOUS GODS and Norway's URGEHAL. Upon their return, the new album 'V / Halmstad' was recorded. Again sporting a new look band, SHINING now included ex-ONDSKAPT guitarist Gråby and second guitarist Huss.

Niklas Kvarforth disappeared in July 2006, with rumours suggesting that he had in fact committed suicide. A band statement read ""A couple of days ago, we received a letter from a person very close to Kvarforth telling us that Kvaforth had decided to leave this world behind and also introducing as a kind off last will, a new singer to replace him for future events of SHINING.

All that we know for 200% is that Kvarforth has been missing for the past four weeks and have, as his friend indicates, chosen to end his own life and for us, the band, this come as no surprise as he have been suffering from extreme anxiety and depression the past six months and some truly extreme things, considering his own personal life, occurred dramatically right before he disappeared. However, we wish to send our deepest regrets to our friend and sadistical leader Kvarforth wherever he might be!

Kvarforth did as mentioned, involve a new singer in the band without telling us before he left, his name is Ghoul and will be introduced on the release-show we are holding in December. No one of us, the band members have meet him yet but a contact have been established via letter-exchange, and as this was Kvarforth's own will, we are now officially presenting our newest member, whoever this might be, Ghoul." Shortly afterward his successor was appointed.

SHINING ultimately announced their return with a February 3rd 2007 concert held at the Diezel venue in Halmstad. This first concert to feature new frontman Ghoul was supported by DHG and filmed for a DVD entitled 'Fy Fan För Livet!', this including the brand new track 'Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra'.

However, the replacement "Ghoul" would in fact turn out to be none other than Niklas Kvarforth clad in zombie attire. Although advertised as a release party for a new album, no product was made available on the night. The show commenced with a heavily disguised Attila Csihar, frontman for MAYHEM, opening the set before being assaulted by Kvarforth. Another MAYHEM veteran, Maniac - sporting a swastika carved into his forehead, and Nattefrost of CARPATHIAN FOREST involved themselves onstage too. The concert was thrust into controversy when national newspaper Aftonbladet reported Kvarforth sliced himself onstage with razors, which he then distributed out to the crowd. According to the article, the singer also allegedly drank urine from a bottle during the performance, although this final excess was disputed by eye witnesses.

SHINING parted ways with bassist Hallander immediately after the concert, the group stating he had "decided to leave the band due to the negative emotions that have overwhelmed him since the day he first joined the band, emotions obviously caused by the band itself, that Hallander feels he no longer can handle..."

SHINING was set to release the album 'Klagopsalmer' through Osmose Productions in July 2008. However this did not transpire. That year Kvarforth featured as vocalist for LIVSNEKAD.

In 2009 Kvarforth joined forces with guitarist Vidar Ermesjø, of HJARNIDAUDI, bassist Manuel Tinnemans, of BUNKUR, and drummer Ries Doms, from HOOGHWATER, to forge ODESSA. On 1st May SHINING began streaming two new songs, 'Vilseledda Barnasjälars Hemvist' and 'Plågoande O'Helga Plågoande' online. The band's sixth studio album, 'VI / Klagopsalmer' was issued by Indie Recordings. The set was recorded at The Slaughterhouse studios with producer Rickard Bengtsson.

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