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Labelled as 'Extreme dark Doom' TRISTITIA evolved from a meeting in Halmstad during August 1992 between the half Chilean / half Swedish guitarist Luis Beethoven Galvez and vocalist Thomas Karlsson. Galvez was a former member of PAGAN RITES along with Karlsson, although the latter had also worked with AUTOPSY TORMENT and DEVIL LEE ROT. Bass was in the hands of Harri Juvonen, also of PAGAN RITES and DEVIL LEE ROT.

TRISITIA's first four track demo in April 1993 featured 'Winds Of Sacrifice', 'Dancing Souls', 'Burn The Witch' and 'The Other Side'.

A second demo followed in 1994, once more boasting four tracks (in this instance 'Reminiscences Of The Mourner', 'Envy The Dead', 'Ashes Of The Witch' and 'Mark My Words'. It was only at this point that the band added drummer Bruno Nilsson and signed with French label Holy Records for March 1995's 'One With Darkness' then December 1996's 'Crucidiction'. Nilsson was not in the group for long as he was to depart in favour of ex-PAGAN RITES drummer Adrian Letelier. Holy also put out July 2000's 'The Last Grief', this session featuring vocals from the ARMAGEDDON and LAST TRIBE credited Rickard Bengtsson with a returning Harri Juvonen on bass.

The 'Garden Of Darkness' album emerged in February 2003.

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