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Jönköping's CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, evolving in June of 1997 from OBSECRATION featuring future ADMONISH drummer Robin Svedman, are one of the few acts to pursue Black Metal music with the most ironic of twists - they are clearly stated Christians. The band's first demo 'Glorification Of The Master Of Light', issued in 1997, saw VITAL DECISION singer Simon Rosén taking a guest lead vocal role. Further recordings included a 1998 concert tape, 'Live In Värsås'.

Following the self-financed 1999 promotional EP 'Eternal Emperor', guitarist Jonathon Jansson, also having PANTOKRATOR credits, would break away to concentrate full time on his other band SANCTIFICA. CRIMSON MOONLIGHT enlisted Samuel Lundström as replacement. Drummer Gustav Elowsson is also active with Grindcore act EXHALE and as stand in live member for PANTOKRATOR.

The band bill themselves as Pilgrim - 'Screams To Shatter The Walls Of Ignorance', Gustav - 'Rhythms To Awaken The Dead And Feed The Fire Of Resolution', 'David - 'Sounds To Tumble The Mountains Into The Ocean, Clear Vocal To Dry Your Eyes', Petter - 'Melodies Haunting The Negative Forest, Cries To Pierce Your Heart', Samuel - 'Tones Travelling The Rays Of Moonlight' and Alexander - 'Dark Symphonic Art Of Sheer Beauty'. Vocalist / bassist David Seiving would join fellow 'unblack' act SANCTIFICA during 2002. That same year ex-ADMONISH guitarist Per Sundström joined CRIMSON MOONLIGHT for the March 2003 album 'The Covenant Progress'. During 2004 Hubertus Liljegren guested on the debut DIVINEFIRE project album 'Glory Thy Name'. Meantime, CRIMSON MOONLIGHT briefly employed the services of bassist Erik Tordsson.

CRIMSON MOONLIGHT returned in January 2005 with the album 'Veil Of Remembrance'. The group drafted new members bass guitarist Johan Ylenstrand, previously of VITAL DECISION and SORDID, and guitarist Jani Stefanovic, a scene veteran of AM I BLOOD, SINS OF OMMISION, DIVINEFIRE and RENASCENT. Erik Tordsson, having sessioned bass on 'Veil Of Remembrance', switched over to the guitar role in early 2006.

CRIMSON MOONLIGHT announced Midwest US touring for July 2006 partnered with ALETHEIAN and BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE. The band performed at the Halmstad, Sweden Christian Metal Endtime Festival in March 2007 alongside VENI DOMINE, ANTESTOR, DROTTNAR, EVERGRACE, HARMONY, INEVITABLE END, VARDOGER, VIRGIN FOREST and EXTOL.

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