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DIVINEFIRE is a Christian Metal endeavour manifested during the Spring of 2004 by Finnish composer and drummer Jani Stefanovic, a veteran of RENASCENT, AM I BLOOD and SINS OF OMISSION, in union with NARNIA and AUDIOVISION vocalist Christian Rivel, also known for his ownership of CL Music Publishing and Rivel Records. Amongst Liljegren's numerous activities on the Scandinavian Christian Rock circuit would be affiliations with acts such as BORDERLINE, MODEST ATTRACTION, SEVEN SEAS, TRINITY, TRIVIAL, VENTURE and WISDOM CALL. Handling bass guitar would be NARNIA's Andreas Olsson, a man also holding scene credits with STORMWIND, WISDOM CALL, SEVENTH SIGN, BEYOND SILENCE and DOJJORNA. VENI DOMINE's Torbjörn Weinesjö initially took on guitar duties.

Recordings commenced that April and a deal was soon struck with King Records in Japan for the album 'Glory Thy Name'. Naturally the album, released in January 2005, boasted a wealth of talented guests including the JEKYLL & HYDE, DAMAGE DONE, TALISMAN, GREAT KING RAT and THE RING credited guitarist PONTUS NORGREN, Thomas Vikström of CANDLEMASS and BRAZEN ABBOT, Eric Clayton from SAVIOUR MACHINE, Hubertus Liljegren from CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, Carl Johan Grimmark of NARNIA and VENI DOMINE's Fredrik Sjöholm.

During early 2005 the industrious Jani Stefanovic would also be active as a sessioneer for CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. DIVINEFIRE put in Japanese gigs during October, performing in Tokyo, including a one off acoustic gig, and Osaka.

That same year Stefanovic forged a further project band billed ESSENCE OF SORROW alongside RANDOM EYES vocalist Christian Palin, guitarist Timo Kuusjärvi of RANDOM EYES, bassist Sidi, the SONATA ARCTICA, KOTIPELTO, WINGDOM, RANDOM EYES and KENZINER credited keyboard player Mikko Härkin with WINGDOM's Markus Niemispelto on drums. Not to be outdone, Olsson too engaged in recordings for side act 7 DAYS, this venture comprising HARMONY guitarist Markus Sigfridsson, ex-CANDLEMASS, TALK OF THE TOWN and BRAZEN ABBOTT singer Thomas Vikström alongside MIND'S EYE, FARO and TEARS OF ANGER drummer Daniel Flores.

Thomas Vikström joined THERION in May 2009. 

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