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Christian Death Metal band INEVITABLE END hail from Jönköping. The group was forged during 2003, first putting down demos onto tape in April the following year. Line-up problems then struck, with singer Magnus Semerson and bassist Joakim Bergquist both exiting. Ex-guitarist Jonas Arvidsson going on to session for CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. New frontman would be Norwegian Andreaz Hansen of BLEEDIENCE and VIXIVI.

INEVITABLE END, promoting the demo 'Reversal', joined forces with fellow Swedish Metal artists AVATAR and SONIC SYNDICATE for the 'Sweden United Metal' tour commencing in late January 2006. The band performed at the Halmstad, Sweden Christian Metal Endtime Festival in March 2007 alongside CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, ANTESTOR, DROTTNAR, EVERGRACE, HARMONY, VENI DOMINE, VARDOGER, VIRGIN FOREST and EXTOL.

INEVITABLE END signed with Relapse Records in November 2008, recording the album 'The Severed Inception' for release in March 2009.

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