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SWEDEN, Kalmar

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Brutal Death Metal, Death Metal


A sick yet technically inclined Death Metal outfit founded in Kalmar during 1997. Formative members bass player Jonas Hagström and guitarist David Lindstrom would soon make their exit leaving SPAWN OF POSSESSION as a trio of guitarists Jonas Bryssling, ex-HEDEON, and Jonas Karlsson, of DESOLATION, alongside vocalist and drummer Dennis Röndum, the latter another HEDEON veteran and also active with VISCERAL BLEEDING as frontman. The group debuted with the August 2000 EP 'The Forbidden'.

A second EP, 'Church Of Deviance' released during 2001 saw the enrollment of VISCERAL BLEEDING bassist Niklas Dewerud. Live gigs in early 2002 found a guesting Emil Dragutinovic of LEGION, NOMINON and MARDUK as guest lead vocalist. The band would be announced as heading up the February 2002 'Gutting Europe III' tour topping a bill comprising DISAVOWED, MANGLED, INHUMANE and VILE.

During 2002 Dennis Röndum united with the BUTCHERY duo of guitarist Juha Helttunen and drummer Tobias Israelsson to found STRANGULATION for the demo 'Carnage In Heaven'. A new album, 'Cabinet', arrived in 2003 through Unique Leader Records, this seeing Dennis Röndum handling all lead vocal duties. Although the band announced Kelly Izquierdo of MORTAL DECAY as being their new singer in fact for ensuing dates across Europe the band drafted DISRUPTION frontman Jonas Renvakter as stand in.

SPAWN OF POSSESSION formed up part of the 2004 European heavyweight 'No Mercy' festivals commencing 29th March, sharing billing with CANNIBAL CORPSE, HYPOCRISY, KATAKLYSM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, VOMITORY, PREJUDICE and EXHUMED. In June the band performed at the Italian 'Grind Your Mother' festival.

The band set 'Noctambulant' as the title of a 2006 album, recorded at Pama Studios in Kristianopel in January with producer Magnus Sedenberg. The group hooked up with HATE ETERNAL, FALL OF SERENITY and SHADOWSLAND for European touring in May covering the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Belgium.

Dennis Röndum quit in May 2007, claiming "lack of interest in drumming" as a deciding factor. New man on the drums would be Rickard Schill of SHINING, LIVSNEKAD and VILE SCAR

During June 2009 SPAWN OF POSSESSION pulled in Matthew Chalk, from Tazmania's PSYCROPTIC, as new frontman. The OBSCURA and ex-NECROPHAGIST credited German musician Christian Münzner took on guitar duties.

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