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SWEDEN, Kalmar

Categories: Death Metal


Kalmar based extreme Death Metal act forged by guitarist Peter Persson and Niklas Dewerud. Frontman Dennis Röndum would also be active as drummer for SPAWN OF POSSESSION. In their formative stages the band members went under the title of SECRETION. Demos included the 'Internal Decomposition' set in September 2000. Following recording of the April 2002 'Remnants Of Deprivation' album Dewerud become bass player for SPAWN OF POSSESSION. Dewerud would be replaced by Tobias 'Rotten Boy' Persson, former frontman of Hässleholm Death Metal combo LUNGSPIT.

In side activity during 2002, Dennis Röndum united with the BUTCHERY duo of guitarist Juha Helttunen and drummer Tobias Israelsson to aid STRANGULATION on session vocals for the demo 'Carnage In Heaven'.

VISCERAL BLEEDING entered Flatpig Studios in Malmö with producer Robert Ahrling to cut a second album 'As Fury Unfolds' in December 2003. This album title would be subsequently switched to 'Transcend Into Ferocity' as the band signed to Neurotic Records for its release. Vocalist Dennis Röndum decamped in June 2004 in order to prioritise SPAWN OF POSSESSION. The band united with OBITUARY and MASTER for the 'The Legends Are Back' dubbed European tour, commencing in early October 2004.

VISCERAL BLEEDING had their debut album, 'Remnants Of Deprivation', reissued under the revised title of 'Remnants Revived' in April of 2005 by Neurotic Records. This expanded version, having been re-mastered by Scott Hull, added bonus material in the form of cover versions of CANNIBAL CORPSE's 'Stripped, Raped & Strangled' and DISMEMBER's 'Dreaming In Red' plus an alternate version of VISCERAL BLEEDING's own 'Carved Down To The Bone'. The video extras comprised a studio clip and three live songs filmed on the October 2004 tour. VISCERAL BLEEDING partnered with NAILED and CONDEMNED for UK dates in May 2005. The band, drafting new singer Martin Pedersen, allied with DEICIDE, WYKKED WYTCH and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT for European shows throughout October and November, taking in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy. VISCERAL BLEEDING parted ways with guitarist Marcus Nilsson in May 2006. The group announced they would be hooking up with DEICIDE and PSYCROPTIC for a European tour in January 2007.

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