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SWEDEN, Karlshamn

Categories: Doom


Karlshamn Doom combo. Previous to the release of the debut 1986 single, 'Hymn Of The Sinner', cult Swedish outfit FAITH was known as STORMBRINGER. The original line-up, assembled during 1984 comprised vocalist / bassist Christer Nilsson, guitarists Roger Johansson and Jorgen Thuresson with Peter Svensson on drums. This quartet cut a January 1985 demo session. The next set of demos would be recorded minus Thuresson, the guitarist having had his nose broken in a fight the day before recording. Thuresson left the ranks in the summer of 1985 as FAITH introduced new lead singer Roger Berntsson.

Sometime after the single's release vocalist Roger Berndtsson quit. FAITH would be joined by erstwhile ARROWZ man Zenny Hansson. However, the new vocalist then received an offer to join DESTINY and duly took his leave, leaving bassist Christer Nilsson to take on the additional role of frontman once again. A third set of demos, entitled 'Insanity', was then laid down, after which second guitarist Peter Zweiniger was introduced and in this incarnation FAITH toured both southern Sweden and Finland.

Whilst the group continued for a period, FAITH broke up and drummer Peter Svensson joined the much Doomier MERCY and later joined GLOBE. The drummer also performed on three OVERHEAT tracks included on Janne Stark's 'Guitar Heroes Of Sweden' series of albums. He would strengthen the connection with Janne Stark by drumming on LOCOMOTIVE BREATH's version of 'I Can't Feel Nothin' to the 2000 CAPTAIN BEYOND tribute album. Besides these activities Svensson could be found on the live circuit as a member of Blues Rockers SIX PACK BOOGIE. Both Nilsson and Johansson kept active with THIN LIZZY cover band THIN LIPZTICK.

Johansson and Nilsson have since been reunited with Svensson and reports emerged that a FAITH reunion was under consideration. Sure enough, the newly resurrected act signed to Stormbringer Productions for a 2003 album 'Salvation Lies Within'. Subsequently, FAITH scored a further deal with Doom Symphony, a division of the Italian label Underground Symphony to re-issue 'Salvation Lies Within' in digipack format during 2004.

Peter Svensson contributed session drums on Janne Stark's November 2006 MOUNTAIN OF POWER tribute collection.

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