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SWEDEN, Linköping

Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal


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Linköping's SATANIC SLAUGHTER is one of Scandinavia's older Black Death Metal acts having formed in 1985. Previous to this date the band went under the politically incorrect name of EVIL CUNT. Of the original line-up, only the ORCHRISTE credited guitarist Ztephan "Dark" Karlsson remains. Original bassist Goat became a pyromaniac and now reportedly resides in a mental hospital.

SATANIC SLAUGHTER's name was first felt on the Swedish Metal scene in 1985. Joining Ztephan Dark would be vocalist Moto Jacobsson, bassist Ron B. Goat and TOTAL DEATH drummer Pontus Sjösten. The second guitar position proved fluid, with Mikki Fixx, Jörgen Sjöström and Patrik Strandberg all serving terms in 1985. A second drummer was also installed that year in Peter Svedenhammar. SATANIC SLAUGHTER evolved in 1987 with the recruitment of Toxine (a.k.a. Tony Kampner) on guitar and drummer Mique. Both vocalist Toxine and drummer Mique had also been members of TOTAL DEATH whilst Mique had also been involved in MORGUE. Toxine would cut his teeth on the Rock scene with his debut Punk act PASSIVA MONGOLOIDER as far back as 1979.

The band evolved once again in rapid fashion, Dark drawing in new members Jonas Hagberg on guitar, Patrik Kulman as bassist with Robert Falstedt on the drums. The following year numbers were boosted with the addition of singer Andy Gustavsson and SATANIC SLAUGHTER released their demo 'One Night In Hell' during 1988.

SATANIC SLAUGHTER re-shaped again in 1989, the new cast comprising Dark, guitarist Janne Karlsson and bassist Peter Blomberg. Occupying the drum stool in 1989 would be Gerry Malmström and Evert Karlsson. Unfortunately, in December the band was put on ice as Dark was imprisoned, convicted of assault. The man would later join MORBIDITY, CRUZIFIED ANGEL and MORGUE. The band got back together in 1992 with members of SÉANCE, including vocalist Toxine, drummer Mique and guitarists Patrick Jensen and Richard Corpse were involved. A reunion concert took place at Linköping's Skylten venue, alongside SÉANCE, on 20th November 1994.

The self-titled debut album, recorded at Unisound studios and produced by Patrik Jensen, was issued in 1996 through Necropolis Records. Second effort 'Land Of The Unholy Souls', with production credits going to DAN SWANÖ, emerged in 1997. However, that same year SATANIC SLAUGHTER collapsed yet again, this time due to time honoured musical differences. Dark resolved himself to pick up the pieces with all the other ex-members creating the high profile act WITCHERY. Jensen also became a member of THE HAUNTED.

The band was re-constituted in 1997, introducing Filip Carlsson on guitar, a scene veteran of ANCIENT DIGGER OF GRAVES, DAISY CHAIN, THORNCLAD, HÖST, DEMONS TO PREFER, SPITEFUL and CORPORATION 187, guitarist Kecke Ljungberg of MORGUE plus Robert Eng on drums, also holding credits with HÖST and CORPORATION 187, for a run of German gigs in April of 1998 alongside LORD BELIAL and HATOR. In 1999 SATANIC SLAUGHTER brought in former BLASPHEMOUS, MORGUE, COVEN and TRIUMPHATOR drummer Martin 'Axenrot' Axenroth (a.k.a. 'Demon Pounding Devestator' in NIFELHEIM) to replace Robert Eng.

The 2000 line-up comprised of Dark, Axenroth, guitarist Christian Ljungberg, vocalist Andreas Deblén and bassist Filip Carlsson. This unit, promoting the album 'Afterlife Kingdom' delivered by Loud n´Proud Records, toured across Europe in alliance with Norwegian act RAGNAROK in December. By the time the band were gearing up for a September 2002 album 'Banished To The Underworld' Stefan Johansson had taken Ljungberg's place on guitar. Further touring saw European gigs in April with road partners LORD BELIAL and CORPORATION 187.

Axenrot would also be found as a member of N.C.O. ('Nephenzy Chaos Order') for their 2003 opus 'Pure Black Disease'. The drummer added to his roster of official projects by joining the Blackeim and DAN SWANÖ mentored BLOODBATH in March of 2004. That November SATANIC SLAUGHTER toured Europe with support from fellow Swedes MISERICORDIA and Czech outfit AVENGER.

In August 2005 Martin Axenrot temporarily joined the ranks of OPETH for European touring, covering for regular drummer Martin López who was forced out due to medical concerns. SATANIC SLAUGHTER announced they were to reform in early 2006, Ztephan Dark, Stefan Johansson and Simon Axenrot being joined by new drummer Fredrik Nilsson of MISERICORDIA.

Ztephan Dark, suffering from a heart condition, died in April 2006.

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