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Linköping trad Metal act WITCHERY was created in its familiar format during 1997 from the ashes of SÉANCE and SATANIC SLAUGHTER. The band has set itself apart from the crowd by blending elements of Black, Death and retro 'Thrashback' Metal, this amalgamation seeing WITCHERY rapidly attaining solid international sales. Musically WITCHERY are unafraid to show their influences as made evident by the frequent 80s Metal cover versions that litter their catalogue. Both vocalist Toxine (a.k.a. Tony Kampner) and drummer Mique (Micke Pettersson) had also been members of TOTAL DEATH whilst Mique had also been involved in MORGUE alongside guitarist Richard Corpse (Rille Rimfält). Toxine would cut his teeth on the Rock scene with his debut Punk act PASSIVA MONGOLOIDER as far back as 1979.

The revised WITCHERY came together when SATANIC SLAUGHTER vocalist Ztephan Dark fired his entire band just days before a scheduled album recording. Undaunted the quartet, Toxine, Corpse, Mique and second guitarist Patrik Jensen, stuck together to found WITCHERY enlisting MERCYFUL FATE and ILLWILL bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (Charles Petter Andreason). The latter's priority commitments to MERCYFUL FATE meant that recording of the debut WITCHERY album, 'Restless And Dead', was delayed until January 1998, sessions being conducted at Blue Hill Studios in Linköping. Necropolis Records in the USA took the band on to issue 'Restless And Dead' in 1998. The band put in their debut show in April 1998 in Copenhagen although minus Richard Corpse who was too ill to perform.

The March 1999 mini-album 'Witchburner', assembled at Los Angered Studio in Gothenburg, with KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy LaRocque taking the production reins, comprises originals plus various covers including ACCEPT's 'Restless And Wild', BLACK SABBATH's 'Neon Knights', W.A.S.P.'s 'I Wanna Be Somebody' and JUDAS PRIEST's 'Riding On The Wind'. WITCHERY put in a showing at the renowned German Wacken Metal festival in 1999. WITCHERY returned in September with the unsavoury 'Dead, Hot And Ready', recorded at Blue Hill Studios. Engaging in their first real bout of touring, the band took to the European stages in January 2000 alongside MOONSPELL and KREATOR following up with a one off US appearance at the New Jersey 'March Metal Meltdown' festival in March. The remainder of the year found band members prioritising ARCH ENEMY, THE HAUNTED and the SÉANCE reunion.

For the 2001 album 'Symphony For The Devil', cut in February at Berno Studios in Malmö, WITCHERY employed scene veteran drummer Martin 'Axe' Axenroth, a man having seen service as 'Demon Pounding Devastator' in NIFELHEIM and with SATANIC SLAUGHTER, BLASPHEMOUS, MORGUE, COVEN and TRIUMPHATOR. MERCYFUL FATE's Hank Shermann added guest guitar to the track 'Hearse Of The Pharaohs', prompting reviewers to remark upon the phonetic similarities with MERCYFUL FATE's own 'Curse Of The Pharoahs'.

Guitarist Patric Jensen, was also operational with THE HAUNTED. Toxine and Corpse also busied themselves with INFERNAL. Mique had a side project entitled RHOCA GIL.

WITCHERY would cut versions of KING DIAMOND's 'The Shrine' and the SCORPIONS 'China White' for tribute albums. Once the band members other commitments had been fulfilled WITCHERY entered Berno Studios in Malmö during August of 2004 to craft a new album. Included would be tracks 'The Wait Of Pyramids', featuring MERCYFUL FATE guitarist Hank Shermann and 'Crossfixation' with a guest appearance by ex-THE CROWN member Marcus Sunesson. The record also saw a remake of SATANIC SLAUGHTER's 'Immortal Death'.

In August 2005 Martin Axenrot temporarily joined the ranks of OPETH for European touring, covering for regular drummer Martin López who was forced out due to medical concerns. The album 'Don't Fear The Reaper' finally emerged in March 2006. That same year Mique Flesh forged FREEVIL alongside ex-DENATA members guitarist Tomas Andersson and bass player Roger Blomberg.

WITCHERY was found to be back in the recording studio in 2009.

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