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LOST HORIZON was borne out of the early 90s band HIGHLANDER. The band took on Sci-Fi stage names for this outfit, comprising lead vocalist Etherial Mangnanimus (a.k.a Daniel Heiman), guitarist Equilibrian Epicurius (a.k.a. Fredrik Olsson), bass player Cosmic Antagonist (a.k.a Martin Furangen), keyboard player Perspicacious Protector (a.k.a. Attila Publik) and drummer Preternatural Transmogrifier (a.k.a Christian Nyqvist). Both guitarist Wojtek Lisicki and bass player Martin Furängen enrolled with LUCIFERION for their groundbreaking 1996 album 'Demonication (The Manifest)' but would afterwards resurrect HIGHLANDER under the subsequently revised banner of LOST HORIZON. Heiman had briefly figured as a member of CONVICTION during 1999.

During late 2002 vocalist Daniel Heiman guested as backing vocalist on the 'Vengeance Descending' album from fellow Swedish band CRYSTAL EYES. A headline tour of Spain, with Mats Karlsson as temporary drummer, was set for March 2003. In July Guitarist Wojtek Lisicki (a.k.a. 'Transcendental Protagonist') exited citing personal reasons. Stepping in as a temporary replacement would be Hans Boström. Lisicki and Furängen revived LUCIFERION for a September 2003 comeback album 'The Apostate'.

Wojtek Lisicki returned in May of 2004, re-debuting with LOST HORIZON at their 'Sweden Rock' festival show. Unfortunately, LOST HORIZON's record label, Music For Nations, would cease trading that year, releasing the band from their contract. In October, Fredrik Olsson temporarily joined the ranks of DESTINY as stand in live guitarist. The singer joined CRYSTAL EYES that same month. Subsequently, both announced their permanent departure from the band. Wojtek Lisicki, Christian Nyquist, Attila Publik and Martin Furängen resolved to persevere. They would find a singer for proposed live dates into 2005, but then would lose this new candidate before ever disclosing his name.

By February of 2005 it was revealed ex-members Daniel Heiman and Fredrik Olsson, together with stand-in drummer Mats Karlsson, founded HEED in alliance with erstwhile SEVENTH ONE bassist Jörgen Olsson. In April it was reported that Wojtek Lisicki of LOST HORIZON had united with musicians Adrian Adamus from North American act FOREST OF IMPALED and Varyen of Poles DAMNATION in a new extreme Metal project dubbed AGAINST THE PLAGUES. By early 2009 Heiman was fronting LAVETT.

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