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Luleå based, melodically inclined Death Metal act. THE DUSKFALL, created in January of 1999, feature lead guitarist Mikael Sandorf and drummer Oskar Karlsson from GATES OF ISHTAR. Initially the idea was to create just a loose jam band with Glenn Svensson on guitar and Sandorf playing the drums but with the addition of bassist Tommy Konu of DEATHBOUND, Per Johansson of SATARIEL and BELSEMAR on vocals and second guitarist Jonny Ahlgren the project, under the inaugural title of SOULASH, took on the concept of a full band for the demo 'Tears Are Soulash'. Switching title to THE DUSKFALL the band dispensed with both Johansson and Ahlgren but pulled in Urban Carlsson to handle drum duties. Soon incorporated on bass would be Kaj Molin.

Oskar Karlsson, also citing credits with THE EVERDAWN, joined up as new drummer during July 2001. That same September the band enrolled Kai Jaakkola of NECROMICON and DEATHBOUND as well as Andreas Ekberg on bass. The debut album 'Frailty', recorded for the Greek Black Lotus Records, included guest appearances from DARKANE and SEETHINGS guitarist Lawrence Mackrory and HELL's Magnus Olsson.

THE DUSKFALL enrolled guitarist Joachim Lindbäck for recording of the December 2003 album 'Source', recorded at Dug-Out studios in Uppsala. However, by early 2004 Lindbäck was out and the group enrolled Lars Löfven from DEFLESHED as temporary substitute for live shows. The band inducted session guitarist Antti Lindholm, from Finnish act LAMBS, as stand in during May. In October THE DUSKFALL announced they had signed a new label deal with Nuclear Blast Records, projecting a Daniel Bergstrand produced album, 'Lifetime Supply Of Guilt', for 2005. However, that January they would sever ties with bassist Kaj Molin and draft Marco Eronen from Hardcore band RAISED FIST for live work.

THE DUSKFALL parted ways with Marco Eronen in July 2006, the bassist opting out in order to prioritise his other act RAISED FIST. His place would be taken by Matte Järnil, ex-21ST IMPACT.

Scheduled German concerts for January 2007, including the 'Winternoise' festival, were cancelled when Mikael Sandorf was sidelined "due to personal problems".

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