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EMBRACED was forged in Malmö during 1993, at first pursuing a Thrash Metal direction. The inaugural trio of vocalist Kalle Johansson, guitarist Peter Mårdklint and bassist Michael Håkansson would be joined by drummer Daniel Lindberg and keyboard player Sven Karlsson in 1995.

The band's original demo tape 'A Journey Into Melancholy' found the band comprising Johansson, Mårdklint, Karlsson, Håkansson and Lindberg. Melina Carlsson along with TENEBRE's Kalle Metz provided additional vocals. For their debut record 'Amorous Anathema' the band roster had undergone a revision, now incorporating Johansson, Mårdklint, Karlsson and Håkansson along with second guitarist Davor Tepic and keyboard player Julius Chmielewski. Daniel Lindberg would be accredited session drums but replaced soon after recording by Andreas Albin. This latest recruit's tenure was short, lasting a mere four months.

EMBRACED's 2000 album 'Within' oddly included a rendition of ALPHAVILLE's 'Big In Japan'. Thomas Lejon took the drum role for this outing. EMBRACED members bassist Michael Hakansson and keyboard player Sven Karlsson joined noted Progressive Metal band EVERGREY in late 2000. Håkansson also has credits with MORTUM whilst the bassist and Tepic also had an involvement with CENOTAPHIA.

Michael Håkansson resurrected EMBRACED in June of 2004. Subsequently, ex-EMBRACED vocalist Kalle Johansson forged BURNING ENGINES, this band including ex-MAJESTIC bassist Martin Wezowski.

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