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SWEDEN, Mölnlycke

Categories: Melodic Rock



Melodic Rock outfit GYPSY ROSE, initiated during 1981 in Mölnlycke, comprises vocalist Håkan Gustafsson, DOGFACE and KEN HENSLEY band credited guitarist Martin Kronlund, bassist Mats Bostedt, keyboard player Rikard Quist and DON PATROL drummer Imre Daun. The band's early years would be dogged by bad luck. During 1984 GYPSY ROSE scored a deal with a Belgian label, but this concern went out of business before product was recorded. The act then worked with American producer Taavi Mote in 1989, but these sessions would not see release, resulting in the band going its separate ways.

The members regrouped in 2004. Finally, the self-titled debut arrived in September 2005, some twenty four years after formation, through British label Escape Music. The album featured a guest appearance by DOGFACE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TREAT, SWEDISH EROTICA and AT VANCE journeyman singer Mats Levén on backing vocals.

In 2007 GYPSY ROSE was joined by American singer David Reece, known for his prior exploits with DARE FORCE, SIRCLE OF SILENCE, ACCEPT and BANGALORE CHOIR. This line-up cut the June 2008 album 'Another World'.

In early 2009 the singer was touting a solo project band simply entitled REECE featuring seasoned German musicians guitarist Andy Susemihl of U.D.O. and featured Jochen Funders from HOLY MOSES on bass, and Stefan Schwarzmann, of ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN, KROKUS, RUNNING WILD and U.D.O., on drums..

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