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Ȫrebro Grindcore. NASUM members Rickard Alriksson and Anders Jakobsson are also members of Gore Metal band NECRONY. The pair got Grindcore side project NASUM into gear during late 1992 shortly after receiving an offer from the notorious German label Poserslaughter to cut a shared 7" split single with Australians BLOODDUSTER. The Swedes contributed their tracks only to find the released single 'Blind World' in union with Belgian veterans AGATHOCLES. NASUM made a dent in musical history with their donation of 9 tracks lasting a mere blistering three and a half minutes for the Swedish compilation album 'Really Fast Volume 9'.

The duo, then joined by guitarist/bassist Mieszko Talarczyk, previously of Ȫrebro Death Metal combo SHAGIDIEL, laid down further songs for a 4 way split album on Talarczyk's own Grindwork Productions label in alliance with fellow Swedes RETALIATION and Japanese bands C.S.S.O. and VIVISECTION. Other songs from these sessions would be included on a split 7" single shared with Americans PSYCHO.

NASUM worked with EDGE OF SANITY's Dan Swanö to record the 'Industrislaven' release, again for Poserslaughter. This record, listed as an album below, features 18 songs but lasts a mere 16 minutes! In order to promote the album NASUM's inaugural gigs were arranged, including a Berlin show with DEAD and MANOS. However, Alriksson bowed out of these shows and NASUM enrolled SUFFER and SERPENT drummer Per Karlsson for the tour. Alriksson would eventually leave the band and after a brief period with FLESHREVELS man Jallo Lehto on the kit NASUM pared down to a duo once more with Jakobsen assuming drum duties. With this line up NASUM recorded tracks for a split release 'Black Illusions' in collaboration with ABSTAIN.

NASUM's reputation had by now attracted international interest and the group signed to American Death Metal specialists Relapse Records for the 1998 album 'Inhale-Exhale'. Initial copies came with a free 7" EP of cover versions comprising of DROPDEAD's 'Bullshit Tradition', S.O.B.'s 'Device', 'REFUSED's 'The Real' and 'Rio De San Atlanta, Manitoba' originally by PROPAGHANDI. The same year saw NASUM paired off with Portland's WARHATE for a further split 7" single.

NASUM boosted the band's strength back up to trio status with the enrollment of BURST's Jesper Liverod on bass in September of 1999. In this incarnation NASUM put in their first American gig at the sprawling Milwaukee Metalfest and managed a slew of further gigs as part of the 'Contamination 99' American tour together with MORGION, EXHUMED, TODAY IS THE DAY and SOILENT GREEN.

In 1999 Jakobsen and Talarczyk created project act KRIGSHOT with guitarist Jallo to release the 'Maktmissbrukare' album. Talarczyk would also act as co-producer for the debut WITHIN REACH album. Anders Jakobson would also form part of the newly reconstituted GENERAL SURGERY line up.

NASUM's 2000 album 'Human 2.0' was once more released by Relapse although a later Japanese release on Ritual Records, re-dubbed 'Human 2.01', saw the addition of extra tracks.

NASUM toured Europe in the autumn of 2000 as support to NAPALM DEATH prior to a string of Scandinavian dates alongside THE HAUNTED. NASUM would be featured on two tribute albums in 2001 with a version of 'Visions Of War' for a DISCHARGE homage and a take of 'Tools Of The Trade' for the Death Vomit Records 'Requiems Of Revulsion' CARCASS tribute.

The May 2003 album 'Helvete' saw Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH and Jörgen Sandström from ENTOMBED and GRAVE lending support in the studio. The NAPALM DEATH connection was strengthened with the announcement of a split EP shared with the British veterans, NASUM covering the NAPALM DEATH track 'Unchallenged Hate' and NAPALM DEATH replying with NASUM's 'The Masked Face'. Upon completion of recording bassist Jesper Liveröd opted out, prioritising his other act BURST. In his stead came the VICTIMS, ACCURSED, OUTLAST and SAYYADENA credited Jon Lindkvist whilst the band also took the opportunity to upgrade to a quartet, pulling in CREMATORY and REGURGITATE guitarist Urban Skytt. The band revealed 2004 was to commence in a suitably heavy fashion, participating in the January 'Extreme The Dojo VII' tour of Japan alongside ANAL CUNT, NAPALM DEATH and PIG DESTROYER. Open air dates saw the band putting in shows at the French 'Fury Fest' as well as the Finnish 'Tuska' and 'Illosaari' festivals.

In July NASUM switched labels from Relapse to Burning Heart Records, commencing work on the 'Shift' album. That August Jon Lindqvist performed at the 'Pointless Fest' in Philadelphia with DISFEAR, substituting for regular guitarist Uffe Cederlund.

The year ended on a tragic note for NASUM as band leader Mieszko Talarczyk was caught in the tidal waves that engulfed the Indian Ocean just after Christmas. Taking a holiday with his girlfriend on Thailand's Phi Phi Island, Mieszko's girlfriend Emma was injured and hospitalised whilst the singer was reported missing. In February 2005 it was confirmed Mieszko Talarczyk's body had been identified. The musician was buried at the Church of Almby, Ȫrebro on 30th March, his favourite Ibanez guitar being interred with his body.

In May GMR Music Group announced they would be releasing limited edition vinyl picture discs of the three NASUM albums, 'Helvete', 'Human 2.01' and 'Inhale/Exhale' through the Vinyl Maniacs label. A label press statement read "it was the wish of the band to have these done since the remaining band members thought they were something singer Mieszko Talarczyk, who was tragically killed in the tsunami disaster, would have wanted to see."

Anders Jakobson formulated the COLDWORKER project in January 2006, first recruiting RUIN guitar player Anders Bertilsson and RELENTLESS bass player Oskar PÃ¥lsson. André Alvinzi of CARNAL GRIEF enrolled as second guitarist in March with ex-PHOBOS man Joel Fornbrant installed as frontman the following month. A debut album, 'The Contaminated Void' followed.

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