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SWEDEN, Nyköping

Date Formed 1992

Categories: Crustcore, Death Metal


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Nyköping Crustcore unit. Lost And Found Records issued the album 'A Brutal Sight Of Fear' in August 1993. DISFEAR released a split EP with UNCURBED in 1995. That same May the 'Soul Scars' album emerged vis Distortion Records. Original drummer Jallo Lehto would be superseded by Robin Wiberg. The band signed to Kron-H, a subsidiary of French imprint Osmose Productions, for October 1997's 'Everyday Slaughter'.

The band made a return in 2003, newly fronted by the AT THE GATES, GREAT DECIEVER and LOCK UP credited Tomas Lindberg. New recordings would be cut for the Spanish Throne Records concern, surfacing as the 7" EP 'Powerload' in November, restricted to 2000 copies of which 300 were pressed on clear red vinyl.

European gigs in September and October of 2003 saw DISFEAR in alliance with Linköping's NINE and headliners ENTOMBED. For the December 2003 Scandinavian 'Close-Up Made Us Do It' tour alongside ENTOMBED and RAISED FIST, the band pulled in Uffe Cederlund of ENTOMBED as secondary live guitarist. The band switched guitarists again in mid 2004, performing at the 'Pointless Fest' in Philadelphia that August with NASUM guitarist Jon Lindqvist substituting for Cederlund.

DISFEAR teamed up with ROTTEN SOUND for Scandinavian dates in March 2005. Product that year included a split 7" single shared with ZEKE. Gigs on the US West Coast in May 2006 saw a union with PHOBIA, STRONG INTENTION and 9 SHOCKS TERROR.

The group recorded fresh album tracks in August 2007 with CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou acting as producer at his Godcity studio in Salem, Massachussets.

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