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SWEDEN, Nynäshamn

Categories: Black Metal



Nynäshamn based, self styled 'Satanic cursed Black Metal' act SVARTSYN first manifested under the title of CHALICE during 1991 as a duo of Ornias on guitar and Tormentor handling drums and vocals. The latter would exit but Ornias persevered, cutting a split demo in 1993 allied with ILLSKA. The band subsequently re-grouped as INCITATUS with vocalist Ravn, guitarist Heike and bassist / drummer Jonas. The project adopted the revised title of SVARTSYN in 1994, inducting guitarist Surth of UNPURE at this juncture. The first product under the new title would be a 1995 demo 'A Night Created By The Shadows'. An important new recruit arrived in 1996 as erstwhile DARK FUNERAL man Draugen took over drum responsibilities and signing to the German Folter label SVARTSYN cut their debut album 'The True Legend'. Additional vocalists in the studio included Anna Svensson and Michaela Löfving whilst Guran contributed keyboards. Promotion for the album included a short burst of dates in Holland and Germany in May of 1997 allied with tour in Europe with DESASTER and Poland's BEHEMOTH. Upon completion of these shows Surth was ejected and duly substituted with another UNPURE member Kolgrim.

In June of 1997 SVARTSYN re-recorded their 'Tormentor' EP upfront of laying down tracks in the Autumn for second album 'Bloodline' for End All Life Productions. These recordings would remain shelved for a lengthy period and in the interim SVARTSYN actually recorded a third record '...His Majesty' for Sound Riot Productions. For this outing the band credited themselves as The line-up on this album are: Ornias ('Stringwork & medium'), Draugen ('Torture and Mayhem') and Kolgrim (Doomstring). Upon completion of recording Kolgrim was replaced by Mörk.

Ornias, Mörk and drummer Draugen would be enrolled into TRIUMPHATOR for live work during 2000.

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