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Date Formed 1988

Categories: Death Metal, Thrash Metal


Old school Thrash / Death Metal unit PAGANIZER was assembled in Gamleby during late 1988 by DEAD SUN members vocalist Rogga Johansson and TERMINAL GRIP guitarist Dea (a.k.a. Andreas Carlsson) with BLIZZARD personnel drummer Jocke and bassist Diener. Jocke also held credits with GENITAL GRINDER. PAGANIZER's demo 'Stormfire' would later be issued as a 1998 shared album 'In Glory`s Arms We Will Fall' in collusion with Singapore act ABATTORY. The band, bringing in bassist Oskar Nilsson, would follow this with a full blown debut 'Deadbanger' pressed up by the Malaysian Psychic Scream Entertainment label.

As one of his many side projects Rogga Johansson would aid Black Metal band BLODSRIT on drums. Jocke would quit PAGANIZER in 2000, being superseded by Mattias Fiebig of PORTAL, DARK RITES and BLODSRIT. The band re-grouped but a second album was held up by Malaysian censorship laws. The band decided to find another label who would consent to release the album, ending up with the Forever Underground concern for the 'Promoting Total Death' outing of June 2001.

Rogga Johansson and Diener, enlisting PORTAL guitarist Emil Koveroth and drummer Mattias Fiebig, would evolve the band into CARVE. Johansson would also operate as vocalist for DERANGED.

The band resurfaced in 2002 with the album 'Dead Unburied', recorded at Sunlight Studios with production credited to Thomas Skogsberg and mixing by DAN SWANÖ. Guesting on backing vocals would be the former GRAVE and ENTOMBED man Jörgen Sandström. PAGANIZER made a return to action in April of 2003 with the Mieszko Talarzcyk produced album 'Murder Death Kill'. Founder member Dea opted out in July to prioritise his Gothic Metal band ANOTHER LIFE. He was superseded Halvarsson of BLODSRIT and PRIMITIVE SYMPHONY repute. By 2003 a new side project was on the agenda dubbed RIBSPREADER. This unite comprised Johansson, erstwhile PAGANIZER man Andreas Carlsson on guitar and the much travelled DAN SWANÖ on drums. Johansson reinforced the connection with DAN SWANÖ by featuring as guest vocalist on the EDGE OF SANITY album 'Crimson II'.

PAGANIZER re-signed with Xtreem Music in 2004, entering Soundlab Studios in March with producer Mieszko Talarzcyk to cut a new record. The band also donated their rendition of 'Nausea' to the AT THE GATES tribute album, 'Slaughterous Souls - A Tribute to At The Gates' released in September 2004 through Drowned Scream Records. In January of 2005 PAGANIZER announced that they had no line-up and were being "put on ice". However, in early 2005 RIBSPREADER underwent a drastic line-up overhaul, losing the services of Andreas Carlsson, Dan Swanö and Johan Berglund. The revised trio would comprise Rogga Johansson on vocals and guitar, bassist Patrik Halvarsson and drummer Mattias Fiebig, all ex-PAGANIZER members.

Promoting new album 'Carnage Junkie', mixed by DAN SWANÖ, PAGANIZER toured Spain and Portugal with MACHETAZO in December 2006.

PAGANIZER released a mini-CD entitled 'Scandinavian Warmachine' in early 2009 via Cyclone Empire. 

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