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Extreme Grindcore act that relish in the most sickening subject matters. The band was created as a trio of vocalist Rikard Jansson, guitarist Mats Nordrup (also drummer with GENERAL SURGERY and CREMATORY) and drummer Peter Stjarnvind. The latter has an enviable list of credits with acts such as UNANIMATED, FACE DOWN, MERCILESS and LOUD PIPES.

REGURGITATE debuted with the 1994 cassette 'Concrete Human Torture' which found REGURGITATE in a rather more politically inclined mode than the full on Gore that was to come. For recording of the split album with Germany's DEAD for the infamous Poserslaughter label Nordrup took up drum duties as Stjarnvind's other acts became his priority. CREMATORY guitarist Urban Skytt laid down guitars. However, Nordrup would make his exit and the band re-grouped with Stjarnvind back on drums, Skytt joining full time and another former CREMATORY man bassist Joppe Hanson completing the roster. This quartet cut the 'Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood' album. Issued in 1999 the album includes an AGATHOCLES cover version. That same year a new drummer was sought as Stjarnvind's commitments to ENTOMBED and LOUDPIPES took priority. Drafted would be Jocke Pettersson, a seasoned campaigner citing a tradition with DAWN, UNMOORED, SOLAR DAWN, RETALIATION, KIDS ARE SICK and THY PRIMORDIAL.

The album covers are not for the faint hearted. The 2000 album 'Carnivorous Erection', recorded at Ȫrebro's Soundlab Studios with NASUMs Mieszko Talarczyk as producer, had its release delayed due to furor caused by the album artwork which featured a rather vicious penis with bared teeth! That August the band cut tracks for a split 7" shared with GORE BEYOND NECROPSY.

2001 saw REGURGITATE tackling live work, undertaking their fifth concert of their career at Stockholm's Kafé 44 with Terje Andersson of ARSEDESTROYER as stand in bassist. Further performances included appearances at the 'Fuck the Commerse IV' festival in Germany, 'Obscene Extreme' festival in the Czech Republic and a brief tour in Europe in union with $KRUPEL and ENTRAILS MASSACRE. Between gigs the group laid down tracks for the 'Hatefilled Vengeance' release, once again with Mieszko Talarczyk behind the desk.

Early 2002 saw the recruitment of a permanent bassist in American Glenn Sykes, having prior duties with VOMIT SPAWN and CARDIOVASCULAR SUB-HYPOTHERMIA. This version of the band first performed in Germany that February. In July REGURGITATE hooked up with SUPPOSITORY and ENTRAILS MASSACRE for a run of eleven shows across Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The 'Deviant' album was recorded that November.

With Jocke Pettersson out of action due to a back injury, NASUM's Anders Jakobson filled in on drums for shows at the 'Just Killers - No Fillers Fest' and 'Morbide Festspiele' events. Guitarist Urban Skytt joined NASUM in September. Bassist Glenn Sykes aided GENERAL SURGERY as stand in musician during January 2004.

REGURGITATE commenced recording of a new album in March 2006. The band announced the addition of bassist Johan Jansson, having association with a swathe of acts such as PYOSISFIED, HATRED, SIDEBURNERS, ASOCIAL, FLESHREVELS, FULMINATION, FROSTHEIM, UNCURBED, INTERMENT, DEMONICAL and DELLAMORTE, to the group's ranks in September. The new man made his live debut at a concert with MASSGRAV on the 30th at Pub Bastun in Marihamn, Åland. In early December the band laid down tracks for use on a split release in collaboration with SKULLHOG.

REGURGITATE teamed up with ROTTEN SOUND for a Finnish mini-tour in February 2007.

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